No archeologists would ever dare to explore the land that has never been talked about, but, this team decided to walk on the unbeaten path. You might have read or heard the poem “The Road Less Travelled” by Robert Frost which talks about the choices a person has to make in his life. This team did something out of the league and made the discovery of the lifetime. It was the biggest discovery ever made in the region of North America. This particular spot was believed to be inaccessible but this team proved everybody wrong. In the end, their hard work paid off with the most amazing discovery in the history of humanity. You would be surprised to know that this land was once part of a mythical tale. But ” they apprise of a land, very few believed, but only the chosen ones explored”.

Reliving An Ancient Tale

There is a very famous legend that goes with the tiny town on the Canadian coast, Triquet Island, that made this team really intrigued, later decided to explore this mystical land. Just look at the game played by the fate, the team discovered something that astonished everybody around the globe. Some answers to humanity are still waiting for us to find them and then revealing it to the world so that they could know what we were and are today.

The Adventure Begins

The team was decided, consisting of some experienced people from the community of archeologists. The location couldn’t be found in any of the maps but the famous Great Bear Rainforest was holding the spot for centuries, only waiting for this team so that the trees and the land could get free from the duties assigned to them by the people living in these forests. What was the secret that took these archeologists with surprise?

The Great Forest

The Great Bear Rainforest is also known as the Central and North Coast Forest, located on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. This 6.4 million hectare of land is said to be the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world. Thankfully, in 2016 this forest was listed in the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, due to which that exact spot where this amazing discovery was made, remained safe. Soon, several feet were about to take a path which leads to this place.

In The Pines

A tiny remote island hidden deep in the Great Bear Rainforest was awaked from the century-long sleep when the feet of the chosen one touched the land. Their touch worked as a key to the lock of this land. Being a 6.5 million hectare wide forest you could imagine it wouldn’t have been an easy task to find that spot where the discovery of the century was waiting to get unearthed. As we have told you the spot wasn’t on any maps and team was just working on a hunch because they believed in the ancient folktale.

Search Begins…

The team started the search on a fool’s hope, an ancient myth. Searching the land of such extent was sure a headache. They didn’t have any clues which could leave them to the place but they didn’t give in. The search was on, soon the team starts digging the land. The mud was cold which almost covered them but that didn’t stop the excitement of finding the discovery. Soon, the lives of these researchers would take a different turn.

The First

This team was the first to step inside this vast green forest. And it was normal for the scientists to not to think about this place as it was only accessed through boat and seaplane. But still, the thought of the tales being true led the team to shovel the land. But little did they knew, this folktale was the key to everything. The scientists would soon unearth something incredible.