If anyone can think of majestic animals that may be present on the earth, that surely would be elephants. Though they are considered to be friendly and people can have a chance to be close to them in zoos and amusement parks, you can’t simply trust these giant animals. Many a time, people had suffered because of their aggressive nature but also have exemplified their friendship too. These giants need no one because for them their herd would be enough to protect them. There may be times that they may need to count on humans too. Such a condition seems to be seldom, but what would they do if they found themselves midst of the chaos that only humans can save them from? Will they take their help or move ahead leaving the member in pain?

Land Of Diversity

India is home to a large number of birds and animals. Several migratory birds call it their home in different seasons. They often amazed the visitors and the natives of the country. But there are certain animals who have resided here for countless years and is an eye candy in all the seasons. Especially, when it comes to elephants they have been residing in the wild as well as in the zoos for the longest period even the country could imagine.

The Territory

Elephants have never posed a threat to humans whether in wild or in the human territory but that doesn’t mean that these animals could never attack any human. The citizens have had several bad experiences too with these massive herbivores which had not just resulted in the destruction of the property but also had caused loss of lives.

One Such Incident

Elephants are one such species that are found in all most every part of the country. One fine day, when summers had just begun, a herd had come out after so long and were going towards the bank of Urulanthanni River, located near the southern tip of India. It was surrounded by the lush green forest which was home to local elephants and other wild animals too. People never roamed around the territory because they feared wild animals.

Well-Versed With Locals

As they have been around a lot, so the elephants and local people had become acquainted and lived in harmony with each other. Though the kids were strictly prohibited to go anywhere near. The massive creatures had become quite friendly with the locals and would often take eatable from them but that doesn’t mean that they would never attack the humans who would try to intrude in their territory.

Massive Creatures

Though they weren’t any threat to the locals as such, the moment they would pass by the ground would tremble because of their weight. Anybody in the vicinity would be frightened by the deafening trumpet that they would make. The roar could be heard in all the nearby villages and the kids would tremble on hearing the loud thunder.

The Baby Elephant

It was just another beautiful day and the majestic herd was moving towards the Urulanthanni River after so long. Though it was their daily routine to cross one or the other the river, the baby elephants would often find it hard. There was one particular mischevious baby elephant in the herd. This was the first time that he had to cross the river. Would he be able to cross it without getting into any trouble?