It is a beautiful feeling when you get to hold your newborn for the first time. Probably the connection one feels with the little one is so so pure and calming that it is extremely tough to even pen down it in words. It is something which one can only perceive when one gets to experience it first hand.

Unfortunately, not all couples are lucky enough to give birth to their own child-their own blood. And something similar happened to this couple. When they had a tough time conceiving a child, they opted for surrogacy, and surprisingly the surrogate also in the latter half of her pregnancy phase refused to hand over the babies to them. What made the surrogate take such a bold decision? Why did she play so heartlessly with the emotions of this couple?

The Couple

They were high school lovers. The bench partners at school were sure that they would be the future life partners. Even their friends teased them by calling them soulmates. Though back then in school days they always asked their friends to shut, but deep down in their hearts, they knew that they can’t imagine their lives without each other.

Promising A Lifetime

As the years passed the duo couldn’t wait to unite into one soul. In the year 2011, the couple finally tied the knot. To them, it was their love that made their ordinary life, an extraordinary one- a life just like a fairytale. The much in love couple were enjoying the newlywed phase when a year later they decided to plan their family.

A Dream

They both shared a dream-the dream of having their own family. They always wanted to have kids. And now that they were both settled and doing good in life, they knew it was time for them to set this dream into reality. Little did the couple know that it was a dream too harsh to be fulfilled.

Rising Concern

The couple was now worried when they realized that even after trying for several times in the span of last six years, they were not able to conceive a child. They were unsure of the causes. Maybe there was a medical issue with either of them’s health that was preventing them from starting their own family. Thus they visited the doctor only to discover the hidden.

Not Healthy Enough

Life is uncertain and unluckily the couple had to face the uncertainty. While they thought it was easy to bring a life into existence, the gynecologist’s words shattered their dreams. The woman was suffering from fibroids and had scared tissues, which meant that though she was fertile, her uterus was so sensitive to carry a life inside.

Broken Dreams

The couple was shattered and honestly, they had a reason to be. For any couple, how precious of a thing is it to start their own family, is something we all know. And the disease that this woman was suffering from brought everything to the still. Though her husband was supporting her, he too was somewhere broken inside as he too wanted a baby.

Just when their hopes grew thin, they found some light in the dark.