When you get married, you are making a promise in presence of the Almighty and your loved ones to love, nurture and stay together with your partner. It is the most special day where you and the love of your life have become together as one. We all know that vows are important and may be the most important part of any marriage. This guy’s speech during his wedding ceremony, however, surprised everyone in the room. You can check out the video at the end of the article too…

A Very Unexpected Speech

When we think about the wedding, we mostly envision a bride and a groom, ready to take each other as partners for life. It is the celebration of the union between two souls that love each other. Weddings usually prove to be something that makes everyone who attends the ceremony to believe in true love. This wedding, however, had a very surprising turn of event…


Most Important Day Of Their Lives


If you have ever attended a wedding, you would surely feel the love and get a sense of how two people cherish each other. We must be well aware that weddings may be the most important day in anyone’s life. Most wedding days entail emotions flowing through the whole room where tears of joy are shed and everyone joins in to celebrate the love shared by the bride and groom.

The Couple


For this couple, their wedding day had been something they were both looking forward to. Meet Jefferson and Jessica. They are a Portuguese couple who met each other, fell in love and decided to get hitched after realizing that they were meant to be together. They have both confessed that ever since they met, they had stuck to each other like glue.



We all know that since there are so many diverse cultures existing in Portugal, there are many languages spoken there. English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese are the languages that are commonly spoken in the country of Portugal. Jefferson and Jessica prefer the Portuguese language so their wedding ceremony was conducted that way.

Looking Great!


For most brides, their wedding day is the day they wish to be the most beautiful. Every girl dreams of her big day and plans for it since their childhood. This was the same case for Jessica. Jessica donned on a white dress, wore a tiara, and a veil, looking like a real-life Disney princess. Jefferson too looked dapper in his suit and the couple was no doubt looking their best.

Crowd Waits Anxiously


The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful and even the guests were looking their best. Everyone was happy for the bride and groom and some even shed tears of happiness for them. However, no one knew that this groom was about to give a surprise to all the attendees. He had already prepared to have a revealing confession during the ceremony.