Love and trust aren’t everything in a relationship as anything can go wrong at any time. Differences or situations are the major reasons behind most of the relationship failures. Not to say that all of us are familiar with the extends to which things can get complicated before two people finally give up and break-up. While most of us move on to look for a compatible partner some decide to make it work at any cost. This can result in weird outcomes. If successful this can also become a good example for the people who are confused with their relationships and want hope to keep going on…

How an unsettling truth can also be agreed upon, the story of a couple who brought tears in everyone’s eyes.

A Strange Beginning

Katie Hild and Jeremy Musser saw each other when they were attending their college. The two became friends and soon Katie realized that they can take their friendship way ahead of it. She felt a spark and belongingness with him which she didn’t feel with anyone else ever before. There was something about Jeremy that Katie didn’t know yet…


Jeremy, on the other hand, liked Katie when he first time laid his eyes on her. The more he started knowing her the more he fell for the prettiest woman he ever met. She was caring and kind-hearted. And as the months passed, Jeremy started believing that she is the only one made for him. But there was one side of their relationship that they never discussed upon.

Over The Dinner

Jeremy took Katie out for a dinner date. He had something serious to discuss with her. No, he wasn’t going to ask her if she’ll marry him yet. Rather he brought her there to share his past and tell her how is it still connected with his present and will always remain an important part f his future as well. Katie sat there silently to listen to what the guy she loves was so much concerned about…

Relationship Struggle

When Jeremy was done speaking, Katie understood that they were not into a regular kind of relationship. Jeremy told her that there was a girl named Casey who recently gave birth to his child. Although he made it clear that he is not in love with Casey he couldn’t give up his kid. He assured Katie that there was never anything meaningful between him and the other woman but his kid means a lot to him. But Casey had some big issues…

Too Many Complications

When Casey got to know about her pregnancy she tried to get back with Jeremy but he wasn’t ready for it. She was disheartened by the fact that the father of her unborn baby was not going to live with her and build a family. Casey didn’t want to leave her baby to some other woman. She was uncomfortable and so was Katie.

Still Staying

Katie had an option to step out of this relationship and look for an ordinary one. But she didn’t, the love she saw for herself in Jeremy’s eyes couldn’t let her just walk away. She knew the road is going to be tough still she wanted to make it work as she knows Jeremy was being honest and he needed help. So, Katie was going to stay but she had a long way to go and she didn’t know what was coming next for her.