Taking A Toll

The more you spend on your wedding, the more you would want that things should go according to your plan, all perfectly. And that is what turns everything upside down when even the slightest of the problem seems like a huge mountain. 


For three years, Lily would study during the day-time and would plan for her wedding during the night. She planned every little detail for her wedding, and the first thing that the couple finalized upon was the bridal shower. It was this bridal shower that was going to make all the difference. 


Lily and Joe had decided that they would both invite only relatives and close friends to the wedding, just six friends to be precise. And Lily knew exactly who all she wanted to invite as her bridesmaids. But she was going to regret this decision forever. 


Whenever Lily has shared her wedding disaster, she has always referred to Anna as the ‘star of this story’. Since the couple had decided that they would invite a limited number of people, Anna was not given a plus one, considering that she was just in a casual relationship. 


Not getting a plus one, Anna got offended and felt a little betrayed by her own best friend. She knew she was in a casual relationship, but it could turn out to be everlasting as well. And that is where the revenge would begin from. 

The Wedding Year

Three years passed in planning and deciding on the wedding details and it was finally time for the most awaited day. But the problem arose when Anna got serious in her relationship in those three years, which was unexpected by Lily.