Conservative Family

Joe’s family was a very conservative one, and the members of the family were not from very modern culture. So Lily and Joe wanted to do their best to not make Joe’s family uncomfortable at any point in time during the wedding. 


But there was going to be something that would be the reason for a lot of whispers and gossip in Lily and Joe’s wedding from Joe’s family’s side. Things were not going to go as planned and Anna would be the reason behind all the whispers. 

Wrong Person

Lilly had trusted the wrong person for all her wedding decisions and discussions. She had chosen Anna, thinking that she was her best friend and would help her at all times. But Lily was unaware that Anna was upset and her revenge was as near as the wedding itself. 

4 Months To Go

Lily and Joe had come a long way from 3 years to the wedding to just 4 months left now. The preparations were all done and everything was set. Both of them were extremely excited about their special day but Anna sent them a piece of news that shook them. 


When Lily and Joe’s wedding was just four months away, Anna had announced her wedding that was to take place that month, which was four months before Lily’s wedding. And this was just the starting of Anna’s revenge. 


Lily was dumbstruck to know of Anna’s wedding but she still ignored it. Little did she know that the ultimate surprise still awaited her. She found happiness in the fact that her best friend was finally settling with the love of her life and saying ‘I do’.