One would have never come across any individual who says that they hate kids. Almost all of us love children. Their sparkling eyes, chubby cheeks, those little fingers, and their adorable smiles. Everything about a baby steals our heart. So much so that we want to own one such little baby. Someone has rightly said, ” A Baby’s little feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts”.

This is a tale of a couple who goes through a tough phase when they could not conceive a child naturally. When they sought to adopt a child, they have to face certain bitter realities in life. On adopting a Romanian child, the couple was surrounded by many questions about the child’s past that demanded an answer before they could adopt her. Would the past affect the child’s future? What were those questions that clouded around this adoption? Will the couple adopt her?

The Couple

Ron and Natalie Trecroce were a perfect couple in every sense. They both were independent, had goals to achieve and most importantly were waiting for love to knock in their lives. Ron came across Natalie at one of his office events and he knew that she was the one for him. He did not take long to extend a proposal to the love of his life.

I Do

 Natalie too was feeling something different about Ron. She knew that he wasn’t just any other colleague but someone special. Ron went on his knees and presented her with an engagement ring. Natalie reciprocated with the same excitement and happiness. Soon only, they both tied the knot in the year 1996.

A Family

It is every couple’s dream to have their own family. While marriage is the mere union of two individuals, stepping into parenthood is what marks the beginning of a family. Ron and Natalie were doing pretty good in life. Life was just as usual and now they wanted to make it nothing but ordinary by planning a family.

Not So Easy

Ron and Natalie never knew that conceiving a baby would be a tough thing. But even after trying for several times the couple could not have one. They were badly disheartened. Yet, they did not give hope and tried for another time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good news this time either. Probably, it wasn’t in their destiny to turn into parents. Or was it?

Some Possibilities

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To figure out the problem, Ron and Natalie visited a gynecologist. The doctor performed certain medical tests on the couple in order to know the possibilities of the couple turn into parents. The couple had their fingers crossed and hoped for a miracle.

Shattering Hopes

The couple was not prepared for what was coming their way. They had no clues that the chances of them conceiving were extremely thin. When the doctor broke the news to this couple, their hopes and dreams shattered. Their smiles were all gone and all they had were tears and disappointed face.

However, this didn’t turn them hopeless rather there was some hope still…