The pain of losing the person you love the most is unbearable. When we could never see them again and the end takes them away on a vulnerable path that has no u-turns. Not even in nightmares, anyone wants to think of it for their loved ones but isn’t that the bitter truth of life that every single person had to face? It’s just a matter of time, sooner or later everyone has to face it.

The thought of it is enough to scare the hell out of anyone. All it takes is a moment that turns life upside down. But as it is said, no matter what may come and go, life goes on. The life-altering day came and took everything away from two families until they got a mere hope to get back to normal lives. Does everyone get that hope? Or life seems to stop at that point forever?

Where Hope Lies

Do you believe in miracles? Or are you one of those who gives scientific logical reasons behind everything? So, whatever is your type, this story will leave you asking a lot of confusing questions. What happened on April 25th, 2017 changed 2 families by ending some lives and destroying the rest. The days those seemed to start a new beginning soon, in totally messed up so many lives at the same time. 

A Happy Woman

Hannah Simmons, a 23 years old, happening person was from Gainesville, Georgia. Whenever she spoke, she brought smiles to every face in the room. She was the type of girl who can make friends quickly and can keep that friendship going on for a really long time. For her, life was simple and she took it as it came. At this time, her life seemed simpler as everything was on track and going as per the plan but not for too long. A devastating turn was on the way that was going to take her down. 

A Heavenly Child

In 2016, Hannah became the mother when she delivered a beautiful baby girl. Hannah named her A’lannah and spent most of her time to take care of her teeny-tiny princess. Since the birth of her baby, she used to spend most of her time in caring for her. The days were passing by at a rapid pace for the next few months until the baby was 9 months old. After that time was about to stop very soon.

A Family TogetherA Family Together

Hannah Simmons was in a relationship with a guy named Javont’e Hopkins who was the father of A’lannah. Javont’e recently proposed her to which Hannah replied with a yes. They were planning on marrying someday. But before that, they took another important step which was moving in together. After A’lannah was born they started staying together. A happy family that no longer going to stay the same ever again.

Partners In Crime

Lauren Buteau, 28, was also from Gainesville, Georgia, and one of the closest people to Hannah and the one who accompanied her on that fateful day. “I LOVE you too…Moe Moe your the best….. couldn’t doo this without you in my life. You have made everything so much better with you in my life. I wouldn’t change you for the world!! You make me wanna do good. I LOVE you babe,” reads one of Lauren’s Facebook post with the picture of her and Hannah. 

Like Sisters

“They grew up together as a family. Hannah and Lauren always called each other sisters, they were so close,” recalls Wilson, Hannah’s cousin. They were too good together that no one can tell if they were friends or blood relatives.