We often fall victim to bleeding into the skin or bruising that happens after we get injured. Generally, this problem is not so serious and can be easily treated at home. But when the skin bleeding becomes intense, spontaneous, or chronic, there can be serious consequences or complications. Let us learn about the causes and preventive measures of skin bleeding to avoid further complications, and to know the right timing to consult a doctor.

Bleeding Into Skin?

bleeding into the skin on the knee
Bleeding into skin or hemorrhaging, takes place under the skin, causing the surrounding area to change color.
Whenever a blood vessel ruptures, it causes the blood to leak into the tissues and spaces nearby. This is basically what hemorrhaging is. When hemorrhaging takes place under the skin, the blood leaks to the skin nearby that causes darkening. Usually, this discoloration is a mixture of shades of red, blue, black, or purple.

Petechial Lesions

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The number and type of blood vessels that rupture thus has an impact on the size and appearance of the skin discoloration, along with the area covered by the bleeding. If you break a lesser number of small blood vessels or capillaries, you would get petechial lesions. They are tiny red dots that are less than 2 mm in width that is visible on the skin’s surface.

Purpura And Ecchymosis

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But in case a larger number of capillaries rupture in the same area, it will result in something known as purpura. If you have purpura, then you will most likely get a reddish-purple discoloration, whose sizes vary between 2 mm and 1 cm in width. If ever many numbers of capillaries break close together, the blood would pool under the surface of the skin forming an ecchymosis which is a bluish-purple or black bruise that occurs in a wide range of sizes.


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Majority of these bruises appear to be in a reddish color, which would then gradually transform to a darker black-blue shade when a few hours have passed. When the bruises slowly start to heal, they then change again appearing in a shade of purple for some time. This will eventually change color to appear as a greenish-yellow color. Skin bruises will turn out quite tender and even have a slight swelling.

Time To Heal

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Based on how serious they are, bruises can change in a matter of a few hours, days or even weeks. A moderate bruise would usually take around 14 days to heal up completely. Unfortunately, bruises in the lower legs take a longer time to heal. Bruises usually appear in body parts like the breasts or eye areas where blood can pool up easily. When a bruise occurs in body tissues or cavities, it is known as a hematoma, which is actually a health threat.

The Main Causes

bleeding into the skin can be caused by contact sports
While the causes of bruises may vary from person to person, one of the main causes behind it would definitely have to be sports. Playing contact sports has got to be the most common reason as to why people end up having bleeding under their skin. If you are not living in a cloud or cotton, you will have an experience of bruising in your life for sure.