Animal lovers have a different place for animals in their hearts. They just cannot see anyone suffering. Well, this story revolves around one such animal lover whose only mistake was that she couldn’t resist seeing an abandoned pup in pain. That’s how it all started in the first place but isn’t adopting animals a good thing? Yes, it is one good thing to happen but not in this case, wondering why? Because Su Mou faced some surprising consequences of adopting what she called, “a man’s best friend.” Maybe because sometimes all one needs to do is to take a closer look to get a clear view of reality.

Always Wanted A Dog

Su Mou is a resident of Kunming City, Yunnan, China. She has been living there most of her life. Her kids always insist on getting a pet but so far the entire family was quite busy and nobody can look after an additional being for all time. Even though she was an animal lover herself, Su knew that adopting a dog will be an add-on full-time job. She was waiting for the right time to adopt a pet. Two years back the Mou family was finally ready for it.

Fateful Vacation

Su Mou planned a fun vacation for her family but little did she know that she will end up welcoming a new member to her family. What started as a chilled laid back trip to a nearby holiday destination came to decision-making point where Su Mou was supposed to either say yes to her kid’s request and accept the change or let things be as they have always been. Well, it seemed like a simple decision at first but it was going to have a huge impact on their whole family.

Walking Down The Lane

On the second day of their trip, the Mou family decided to go out for a walk on the beach side. The couple was enjoying a peaceful sunset and their kids were playing nearby. Su Mou was talking to her husband and when she again looked towards the horizon and noticed that her kids weren’t playing there. She looked for them here and there but the kids were out of her sight. Where did they go?

Looking For The Kids

The couple immediately got worried which was an obvious thing to happen. They looked for them and decided to go in opposite directions. Su Mou couldn’t find them anywhere on her side of the beach and was unaware of the fact that her husband already saw the kids before she saw them. Before she could take a breath of relief, there was something in the kid’s hands that she noticed.

A Little Pup

The younger one was petting a little pup that the elder one was holding in his arms. It was the pup behind whom they ran and went far away, out their parents’ sight. The pup seemed extremely hungry and the family decided to take it to the hotel. The kids got connected with the little one and weren’t ready to let the pup go. 

An Honest RequestChinese Owners Realized that His Puppy Grew Up Into Something Far From Their Expectations

The kids made an honest request to their mother to let them take the pup with them. Su Mou has been thinking about adopting a dog from quite a few months as bringing a pet home would keep the kids engaged most of the time, and give them a sense of responsibility. Su gave in to the requests of her kids and they eventually adopted the pup.