In this world we live in, there is such a large variety of fauna. If you travel across the seas, you will realize that every region has some animals that are restricted to that area. Some animals are kept at home by families too. And more than 350 million animals are taken home to be sold too. The illegal practice rakes in over $19 billion each year for smugglers. This has become a major issue…

Fighting For Animals

We all know that so many animals are constantly in danger. There are a variety of animals that need the saving grace of humans as other humans have decided to play a villain. It has become difficult to get people to help animal as it is such a taxing job. However, there comes a time when some people go out of their way to do good for the sake of animals, to return them back to the wild.

Significant Time

So in this story, the topic of saving an animal from an unfortunate incident takes place where a very unexpected hero comes to the rescue. Back in the month of November 2016, the students of Residence Hall 7 studying in the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore were nearing the end of their course. They did not realize that this would turn out to be such a significant time in their life.

No Need For AdditionsImage result for studying college

So as they prepped themselves for the future, these students did not need any distraction from wherever. There was absolutely no need for them to get engaged in any other activity except emerge themselves in their books. In their dormitory common room, these students had their hands full with their studies so an addition to their burden would be unnecessary.

Light Seeping In

So as they were preparing to get themselves ready for exams and perhaps for a bright future, the students did not indulge in other outdoor activities. They were mostly with their books, engaged in their academic efforts. However, early morning, the students who went inside the common room saw the light was passing through their door.

Something Unexpected

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When these students went into the common room, they were a little confused because the usually dim room had light pouring through. When they entered the room to check, they saw two huge holes that had been chipped through the door. And of course, they wondered why this could be, they were shocked. And when they looked around, they found something that did not belong there.

Checking The Room

So, to see that there was such a huge hole on their door made them a little upset and curious too. What could have been the cause of this? So when the students went inside the room carefully, they had a few guesses as to what these holes were here for. They had hoped that these holes were not chipped away by some invasive animal.