An Incident That Changed His Life

Thomas was having the time of his teen life. He used to pick and drop his friends on the way to school and home. He even paid for his expenses all by himself with the help of his part-time job at a nearby grocery store. Everything was going fun and fine until one day when he returned from his job only to notice that his mother’s car was missing from the parking area.


Thomas casually called his mom but when she didn’t answer, it started to worry the young guy. He immediately called his dad to check if she was with him. His dad asked him to reach the city hospital where his mother was admitted. Those words came as a nightmare for him. He couldn’t imagine anything bad happening to his mother. To see his mother from the window of the operation theater was the most terrible feeling. 

Hit And Run

What made his heart ache even more was the fact that it wasn’t his mother’s fault rather she became a victim of a hit and run case. This was someone else’s carelessness that made his mother suffer. He wasn’t able to accept the fact that some drivers can be extremely irresponsible and coward at the same time.

Did Some Thinking

Thomas stayed in the hospital with his mother for several weeks until she completely recovered and was finally discharged. During these weeks he kept on wondering over and over again and again in a loop. Bad things and good things happen all the time but rarely something so impactful takes place that it leaves a mark on us. This was one such unforgettable incident that forced Thomas to take action.

Easy Decision

While all of Thomas’ friends planned on becoming, engineers, doctors, models, athletes, etc, etc Thomas’ remained silent on what he wanted to become in his life. As the senior year came close Thomas finally revealed his future goal and it didn’t come as a big surprise to his friends. They saw him changing after his mom’s accident and understood the reason behind his career choice very well.

Job Description

Thomas wanted to be able to do something about the careless irresponsible drivers. He wanted to join the traffic control and become a state trooper. What he didn’t know was that he’ll not only be chasing drivers but even animals. His job role brought him face to face with a group of bears.