Colin Blevin, a 45-year-old guy assumed that day of July to be an ordinary one. The man worked in a construction firm. The man was associated with the firm for many years now. Every day he would go to the firm, finish his work and get back home. He thought that day to be the same but little did he know that morning was far from ordinary. On reaching the firm, he saw a Honda Accord blocking the entrance. Blevin asked the owner to move it. While talking to the driver he casually looked inside the car and spotted something jaw-dropping. He realized that the man he was talking to was NOT NORMAL.

An Unusual Sight

Facebook.comColin Blevin is a construction worker in California. The incident occurred on one Monday morning in San José. It all happened around 7:00 a.m. The morning was not a usual one. That day, Colin saw something extraordinary. There was a vehicle blocking the entry gate of his construction firm. 

Not Well

He woke up with a pain in his hips. The man was not feeling well and thought of taking an off from work. But as the workload was high, there was no way he could take the leave. With these thoughts in mind, he got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom to get ready. 

The Day

Colin Blevin works at a construction firm. The man in his forties loves to do his job. Every day he would come to his construction firm but never did he have to face what he was going to witness today. Trust me, it was anything but ordinary.   


There was a car obstructing the entrance. He looked around and saw a man standing in a corner. That strange man was standing next to another car. He looked shabby and frail. His appearance did make Blevin suspicious but Blevin chose to ignore his doubts. He later said that the man “appeared to be under the influence of drugs.” 

Move It Away

It was difficult to believe that the man owned that car. Blevin was getting late so he did not give it much thought. He asked him to move the car away as it was blocking the entrance, little did he know then what was he dealing with.  

The White Honda Accord

No doubt, Blevin felt a bit uncomfortable having him around. So, he asked the man to move his car away. It was a Honda Accord in 1992. Blevin did not know he was in for a surprise until he talked to him.