Millions of Americans travel in their cars and public transport on a daily basis. We look at them, pass across them, sometimes we pass a friendly smile looking at the stranger, but could you tell anything about the stranger just by looking at him? Obviously not. This story we have here is no fiction, it really happened. This story is full of twists that could easily be made into a movie. One day an officer stops the car and asked the driver for a license. What driver told the police officer was not in the police database. The police had to take him in but as the investigation proceeded, new and new information was revealed about the driver that shocked the whole police department. There were lies inside the lies, making the truth seem like a lie. Let’s uncover this baffling story of a man who wasn’t someone he tried to make people believe. So, who was he? You’ll find out soon.

One Wrong Move

The guy was driving in his car. He was going somewhere, but where? Nobody knew, except him. The police officer was conducting a simple and regular traffic stop and little did he know that he was going to get involved in the worst case of his life that would change everything about the way saw people around us. They might look innocent but deep down nobody can fathom what devil has made home inside their heart controlling their whole life. 

Simple Routine Check

The officer stopped several cars that day. All he was doing is to stop the car and see if the driver is driving the car with a license. Some cars away there was one driver who must be cursing his life that day. The guy knew that he won’t be able to run anywhere as this could lead to more problems. So, he played cool, as if there was nothing to hide. “Your license please,” the police officer said to the driver.

What’s In The License

There are times when we think why police officers stop us unnecessarily. However, after reading this story you might be able to understand, why. But this time officer stopped the person for a genuine reason. The officer was just doing his duty which led him into the most unexpected situation. His career would soon take a sharp turn.

Rules Are Rules

The officer stopped the car for a reason which might look nonsensical to you but for the officer it was necessary. The light over the driver’s car license plate was out which by law is not allowed. Though officer might leave you with a warning if your reason is genuine, this time it was different. The officer looked at the driver for a minute then asked for the license. As Shakespeare said, “what’s in the name?” But in this case, it was all about the name.

Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?

The officer in question had pulled over the driver because of the light on his license plate which wasn’t working properly. The officer could tell that something wasn’t right with the driver. But he didn’t give it much attention as we all go pale in front of the officers. The driver told that his name was William James Sweet, but he didn’t have his driver’s license with him.

A Little Suspicious

When the driver told the officer that he couldn’t find his driver license, the officer got a little suspicious of the guy. He asked him to step out of the car. Reluctantly and afraid, the driver tried his best to convince the police officer. The police officer didn’t listen to him and warned him to come out as soon as possible otherwise he would charge him with the obstruction of justice.