If you ever had to take care of someone, do you think you would ever take in someone that is not your blood relative? This couple took in this adorable baby girl who had something surprising to reveal years later…

This orphan in need was hiding a terrible secret

The Davises was a family of six, They were very pleased when they got the opportunity to adopt a child who was “in need” from the third world country of South Africa. The child was an orphan from Uganda. However when she came to America and started to learn English. She began to communicate with her new parents. At first what sounded like meaningless words soon became cohesive sentences. The parents were horrified when she started telling about her life in Uganda.

Adopting Mata


Jessica and Adam Davis were the parents of 4 children, all of whom lived in Ohio. But they felt their family wasn’t yet complete, so they wanted to adopt an orphan. They went through various agencies, The couple finally contacted European Adoption Constants (EAC) to begin the process of adoption. Soon the agency was able to locate a little-orphaned girl from a village in Uganda for them. They told the family that…

Her father had died and she needed help ASAP!


The agency told this family that the girl’s father had unfortunately met an accident and had died. Ever since her father passed away, their mother had not been able to look after the kids properly and therefore, this girl was severely neglected. It appeared like a perfect chance to bring a meaningful change to a child’s life, so the family cheerfully agreed to adopt this little girl. Howbeit, this family was soon to be met with a very strange revelation.

They were appalled by the seeing the condition of the orphanage


In the April of 2015, the couple decided to visit the orphanage. The young couple flew all the way to Uganda to meet the 5-Year-Old girl named Mata. She was a beautiful young child and from the moment they laid their eyes on Mata, the Davids had decided that she will be their daughter. Their resolve was further strengthened by looking at the conditions of the orphanage. There were no toys for the kids to play with. Neither were any of the windows barred. The family truly thought that they had made a correct decision, but soon they were gonna find otherwise.

The truth reared its ugly face


Mata was now living with her new adopted family. They had spent 6 months with this cute African girl and made beautiful new memories with her, here in the United States. As the time progressed, Mata’s command of English started to improve. From struggling to speak words, she was now confident enough to produce meaningful sentences. She now began telling her new family about the life she had in Uganda. Her story Shocked Jessica down to her very core.

The truth behind Mata and her past


The family was absolutely in shock upon discovering that everything they had that EAC had told them was completely made up lie. Her stories were, in fact, the mirror image of what EAC had told the young couple. She told Jessica not of being neglected and forsaken, But the love and care her biological mother harbored for them. Jessica soon came to the realization that, they had unknowingly participated in a scam. But this wasn’t even the worst part.