It was 4:00 am in the morning and the couple was lost in their sleep when they heard a crashing sound. It was loud enough to pull them out of their sleep. They woke up hastily to see what that happened. They thought some had broken in their house but that was not the case. A sinkhole had occurred in their garage. That was not the end of the mystery. The sinkhole had brought a mystery to the light that the garage had been concealing for long.


Idaho is a northwestern state of the U.S. The state is primarily known for mountains and wilderness. The region is a host of diverse flora and fauna. Along with that, the region is known for its peaceful nature.


Britanny Bush and her family has been living in Idaho for quite some time now. She has a young son. The woman is very friendly by nature and has good relations with all her neighbors. the house they were living in was built about a half century ago.

Ordinary And Simple

Their house was as ordinary as any other house in the town. They had a spacious house with a vast backyard and a garage where they used to keep their old stuff. The garage was more like a storeroom for them. They used to keep their old stuff out there.

Fateful Night

The dark had taken the entire town under its wings. It was 12 in the night and Britanny and her husband was sleeping with their only son. It was a small town that used to fall quiet with the ascending darkness. Things were quite peaceful there. But unlike every other night, this night was holding something unexpected for them.  

A Noise

It was a loud crashing sound. The couple awoke with a racing heart. Perhaps someone had broke in their house. They switched the lights on and started searching the entire house. There was no trace of any mishappening. Had they dreamt? But how come both of them saw the same dream? 

All Good?

They looked around their house but there was no one and then they went outside to check their neighborhood but there too everything seemed in place. They were the only ones roaming outside. They went back to their home and returned to their bed. The next morning was going to change their lives for good.