At one point or the other, everyone thinks of having their own house. The one with spacious rooms and a fancy dining room. The house must have windows opening to a beautiful view and with a kitchen garden that has fresh vegetables. The couple in the story too wanted to have such a house. Luckily one day, after searching a lot they even found a perfect home. The family was happy and content to find a house of their dreams. But they didn’t know that their happiness was shortlived. What might have happened that the life of the couple changed?


The couple, Hollar-Zwicks lived in a small town in New Jersey. They were happy in their small world. Soon after they got married, they were expecting their first kid. They were excited when the doctor broke the news to them and the couple started preparing for the new baby’s room. With the arrival of the baby, they didn’t know where their days and nights went by.


After another couple of kids there family was complete. The man of the house was now thinking about finding a suitable job so that they would be able to put their kids in a good school. He started looking for a job outside the town and gave a couple of interviews. And one day when he was enjoying his weekend, he got a call. Who might have called him?

The Call

Carol, the mistress of the house picked up the phone. The man on the other end of the phone introduced himself and asked for her husband. He told her that he was calling from a firm and asked her if her husband could come for an interview. She jumped with excitement and gave the phone to her husband.

The Interview

The next morning, Ken got ready for the interview and took a bus to the town. He was excited as well as nervous too. The man wanted this job desperately. Luckily, his interview went well and when he was on his way back, he got a call from the company. They told him the good news. He was on cloud nine and started making a plan on how would he shift his family in the town.


As he reached home, he broke the news to everyone. The family was happy but the thought of leaving the house they were currently residing in made them sad altogether. They didn’t have any idea about how would they move to a new town, would they be able to adjust there and several other things started running into their minds. What would they do now?


The couple didn’t waste any time and started searching for a new house in the town. They found out that Neenah was a city in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, in the north-central United States. The family was excited to know it was situated on the banks of Lake Winnebago, Little Lake Butte des Morts, and the Fox River. It was a peaceful town, somewhat like they had imagined it to be. But there was one big hurdle that was still in their way.