We all love our pets and treat them like a baby. The furry and four-legged beings are a part of our family and they are the ones who deserve our unconditional love. And when you own a pet who is a dog, their loyalty and dedication towards you is something that has no comparison. They are the beings who can portray the best of their selves and reciprocate all your affection and care as you.

But imagine what happens if you get to know that your family dogs disappear with your baby? You have no clue about the whereabouts of your baby and your world stands still. But why would the dogs run away with a human baby? Read in here to find this little different tale.

So Strange

This is a really strange incident that you would ever come across. The pet you have been taking care for so long suddenly elopes with your child. The parents were freaked and went clueless about their baby. And when they realized that it was their pooch who took the baby away they were petrified.

Happy Pooch

Colby and Bleu were the two golden retrievers that the Cardinals had. They loved roaming with their human family. Colby and Bleu would wait for Chris to return from work and play with them. They would daily stand at the door and as soon as they would find Chris approaching, they would wag their tails.


Colby and Bleu were only 6 months old when Cardinals adopted them. Since then, they have been living with them. As years passed their connection and bond with the family grew strong. That’s why when years later these dogs were found guilty of disappearing with Chris’ baby, he couldn’t believe it.

New Found Love

When Chris found the love of her life and decided to settle in life, he always wondered how would her partner react to him owning two golden retrievers. Luckily, his wife was herself fond of dogs and they both wanted to have their own family where their babies were not human but dogs. That sounds crazy…

Shared Fondness

Chris and his wife shared the same fondness toward pets and their lives were going all great until the day his wife found that she was expecting a child. The duo was more than happy with their family consisting of two dogs but after coming across this exciting news their happiness knew no boundaries. However, soon their lives turned upside down.


Chris and his soulmate weren’t sure how would things go around in the family when their baby would be born. Probably for a few months, Colby and Bleu had to be kept away from the newborn. But the way in which things unfolded was something that neither of them had expected. It was really surprising and strange.