Facing trouble in getting pregnant is a common scenario these days as everyone is aware of the fertility treatments and other advanced options like surrogacy. Still, visiting the doctor and the following process could be a bit stressing. This story will take you on an extraordinary journey of a young couple who became the first of their own kind in the U.S. but for what reasons? Neither they were aliens nor they did anything unusual. Certainly, they were blessed with unique results and you are definitely going to believe when you’ll see it in the heartwarming pictures and amazing videos.

Unexpectedly Expecting

This story is of Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey who were living in Des Moines, Iowa after their marriage. Unfortunately, when they planned to expand their family, they faced quite a hard time as they were undergoing the fertility treatment. It started one fine day when the couple had to go to the doctor for the routine checkup regarding the same.

First Babymccaughey septuplets

This young couple already faced trouble while having their first baby. There were complications, yet, Bobbi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom the couple named Mikayla. This time it was more than just complications as their routine check-up ended up in something way more incredible. It seemed like an ordinary ultrasound until the doctor stopped to look back at Bobbi. Doctors were equally stunned as Bobbi and Kenny. The reports were unbelievable and once the doctor shared the actual situation with Bobbi, she was confused.

Roller Coaster Lifemccaughey septuplets

With the birth of a baby, its parents’ whole world changes. From the daily routine to plans of the future, from random outings to grocery shopping, from just chilling around to being responsible, and from learning to being a good example. So far, the McCaugheys looked like every other ordinary family but not for too long. After the conversation they had with the doctor, this family wasn’t ordinary anymore. 

Shock Of Seven

Based on the studies, it has been said the chances of multiple kids increases for the couples who conceive with the help of fertility treatments. When the doctor informed Bobbi and Kenny about the ultrasound, he said Bobbi had more than 1 embryo growing in her womb. The next question was obvious. Bobbi couldn’t handle what she just heard from the doctor and when she told Kenny they both were in “sheer terror”. He recalled, “I said, ‘how many?” he recalled of that moment. “She goes, ‘Seven,’ and I go, ‘Arrrggghhh!’ Then I go, ‘No, no, no, no. Are you Serious?’”

Matter Of Life And Deathmccaughey septuplets

Seven babies were growing in Bobbi’s womb and the couple didn’t know what should be done about this situation. They knew about this was a matter of life and death. There were no recorded successful cases in the past of septuplets and their mother surviving. When Bobbi had already faced complications while giving birth to Mikayla. The couple was clueless about this situation and how this should be handled. If miraculously the babies are born without any complications then also they had another big thing on mind.

Two To Look After Seven

Just of think of this situation as yours and you’ll realize that delivering the babies is not all. You can afford just one babies expenses and there are six more coming on the way. Diapers, baby food, milk, doctors appointment. When one cries, the other six will start crying for no reason. What if all seven are hungry at the same time? It was just two of them and Mikayla who was around 5 years old. What do you think? Will they be able to get through this together? But how? Practically speaking it seemed to be impossible, but as it is said, the word impossible is made of I’m possible.