Losing a parent is one of the most unfortunate experience any kid can ever go through. Nobody should have to live with that kind of persistent pain. But there is one thing which is somehow worse than a dead parent, it is a parent who disappeared out of the blue. It involves endless wait for some news, of whether they are alive, found dead, coming home or still missing? That kind of trauma makes its way into adulthood and settles in for life.

Linda Evans was one such unfortunate kid whose mother went missing when she was a kid. She had given up on the idea of finding out what happened to her mother until some recent events sparked up hope to look into the matter again. Little did she know, she will end up finding answers which will make her mother’s disappearance one of the most stunning mysteries of all time.

A Regular Morning

It was a sunny morning in Surrey, British Columbia. Linda Evans had just woken up and was sipping on her tea while browsing through the local newspaper. Some people might find it sad but this was one of her favorite parts of the day. She loved to sit in her rocking chair, soak in the morning sun, and read about the world.

The Article

Linda was lost in her newspaper, her steaming cup of tea momentarily fogging up her glasses, when her eyes landed on a piece of article with the title, “Missing Of The Month”. And seeing the photo of the person featured in the article was all it took to take Linda down the memory lane. 

Losing Someone

Linda’s mother went missing when she was just a little kid. She doesn’t remember much of it to be honest. All she remembered was waking up one morning with her mother not around and her dad pretending like nothing is different. So it was just the three of them from that point forward, Linda, her dad and her brother, Daniel.

Unanswered Questions

Linda had so many questions while growing up about her mother’s disappearance but her dad never quite acknowledged any of them. And when he remarried, he strictly told the siblings to never mention her name again. The kids knew better than to disobey their father. 

Linda’s Mother

Lucy Ann Johnson was born on October 14, 1935, in Skagway, Alaska. During her early life, she traveled quite frequently and lived in different places throughout the north, including Canada’s Yukon Territory. It wasn’t long after she started living in Yukon when she met a Canadian, Marvin Johnson, who would later become her husband in 1954.

Happy Family

Lucy married Marvin and became a resident of Surrey, British Columbia. Soon, they became the parents of two beautiful babies, a girl named Linda, and a boy named Daniel. By all means, they were a happy little family. Until one unfortunate day, when everything changed.