Parenthood can be tough. Kids can be notorious and a lot of trouble and that is okay and things start to mess up when kids get ill. Parents always want to believe that whenever their little ones fall ill there is something minor- a fever, a cold which can be taken care of but that is where they commit a mistake. In today’s time, there is no dearth of illnesses and problems and no symptoms should be taken for granted. Whenever kids fall sick or complain of any kind of pain they should be immediately taken to a doctor, sometimes things are bigger than what appears on the surface and unnecessary tragedies can be averted.

Last year, a family could not understand the symptoms of their kid’s illness and it ended tragically for them, something similar happened to Lacey’s daughter.

An Unexpected Call

It was a day like any other, Lacey prepared her 4-year-old daughter and sent her to preschool. She went to her work and did not expect to meet her daughter again before the school ended. However, her expectations were proven wrong and she was left in the state of anxiety when she received a call from the school that her daughter was running a fever and needed to be picked up. Lacey did not think much of it right then. She went to pick up her daughter and took care her straight to the hospital. Was she overreacting to a minor fever?

The FeverLacey Grace Story

Lacey was informed by the school administration that as part of the protocol Elianna should not be sent to school for at least one day. This was in order to prevent the fever from spreading in case it was some communicable illness and also to give parents time to have the kid tested. Lacey has two daughters Elianna and the other one is just two years old. It is normal for kids to have a fever, therefore Lacey did not think of it much but something had happened just a few days ago that really worried her and that made her take her daughter straight to the hospital.

Just A Fun Game

It was a regular Saturday, like any other child, Elianna was playing with a “pool noodle” in the family pool; blowing on the one end of the noodle so that water came out of the other end. In an interview with abc news Lacey Grace, the mother of the four-year-old Elianna said, “It was just a fun game, you know when somebody would go by or swim by and she would take the noodle and pretend she wasn’t looking and shoot whatever at them and then somebody wanted to do it back to her and didn’t realise that she was already on the other end of it.” And expectedly the water went into her mouth and Elianna accidentally swallowed it.

Apparently Normal

Elianna vomited right after the incident in the pool but that was it. After that she went back to playing with people around her; it was as if nothing had happened. She was playing, eating and goofing around after 30 minutes as she normally would do. Even the next day she was fine. However, the Monday after the weekend, she developed a fever. Lacey thought that it was nothing too out of ordinary as kids developing a fever is pretty normal. She did not send her to school but she also did not think much of it and that is what she says in the video ahead.

A Healthy ChildLacey Grace Story

It is normal for growing kids to fell sick. They catch bacterias while playing or being exposed to the new environment and most of the illnesses are benign in nature. Like any other kid, Elianna had her share of illnesses too, so did her sister. But on the whole, she had always been a healthy and happy child and did not have any history of any serious illness. So even this fever or the throwing up event did not ring alarm bells in Lacey’s head. But something happened soon after that alerted her. 

A Day Of RestLacey Grace Story

Since Elianna could not go to school, Lacey took her daughter along to her work, in Bradenton, Florida. Elianna slept through most of this day or she sat in the corner of Lacey’s office with coloring books or toys. There was nothing out of the normal or so it seemed. Lacey was not very concerned. Elianna still did not show any sort of symptoms and was sent to school on Wednesday, which was a mistake.