Every job comes with its share of hardships and challenges, be it a hot-headed boss, pushy clients or severe deadlines. But despite these circumstances, an average employee never expects to get trapped in a life or death situation to do his work. Such things are barely part of a job description after all.

In the northern region of Oregon, Jacob, a 22-year-old truck driver, set out on what he assumed was a routine delivery, only to find himself facing grave danger. Soon, he was battling for his life yet somehow he refused to jeopardize the special delivery, even though doing so could have saved him. They say big jobs usually go to men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones. Such is the story of this man named, Jacob Cartwright.

Meet Jacob

Jacob Cartwright, 22, was a native of the city Portland, Oregon. As a kid, he was not much into academics but he was a hell of a sportsman. After his graduation, he worked most of his life as a cross country trucker. His job kept him moving, always on the road. As a result, nothing in his life felt redundant. The long routes might bother any other person but not Jacob. He liked being on the road, besides he lived alone, so there wasn’t much to do at home anyway. 

Being On Your Own

Jacob lived in a two-story house. Being an only child, he knew how to be by himself for the most part.  He was used to coming back to an empty home at the end of a long day. His house was long and narrow like a giant shoebox. His wooden framed windows, once yellow, were now dirty with the city grime. He usually kept them propped open at night to let the cool breeze inside his usually warm house. He was content with how things were going, which is not something a lot of people his age could say.

Family Life

It is said that a person’s priorities change when he has a family to look after. Jacob was no exception. Things began to change for him when he got married to Devon and became the father of two beautiful kids. The endless routes that kept him on road were now keeping him away from his family. While he liked being on the road, he loved his family and wanted to be around for his wife and kids.

Time For A Change

Jacob started his search for a new job. He came across a more local driving job at Little Trees Transportation. The owner admired his familial priorities and decided to hire him. It did not take too long for Jacob to impress his boss with his work and dedication. He built a relationship of trust and loyalty with his work. As a result, his boss did not take too long to assign him with bigger duties.

The Assignment

It was the first week of January when Jacob was asked to drive across Oregon, from Portland to the small town of Nyssa. It was his first big task and he was pleased that his boss trusted him with it. He made his way to his truck which was being loaded with cartons. Once the workers were finished, Jacob saw that his truck was loaded to the top and packed completely. The cartons, though, were very light. Jacob was confused about what might be inside them but didn’t dwell on the thought.

The Journey

The snow had been falling continuously for a while now, which means Oregon’s roads were carpeted with snow already. Jacob had not even begun his journey yet. He stood outside his truck, his breath pale against his face. He knew he will face some difficulty driving the truck, it’s going to be dark soon and the roads will get slippery. But it seemed doable. He called his wife before leaving, telling her he will be home later than usual. Little did he know what is about to befall him.