Humans are not the only ones who get affected by a loss. There are so many other animals that mourn the loss of a loved one or a friend. We all know that dogs are one of the friendliest and compassionate animals around us. No wonder they are often referred to as “man’s best friend”. So from this very statement, it is clear that they would indeed get thoroughly affected if they were to lose anyone close to their heart. This is the story of a depressed dog that was heavily mourning the loss of a loved one that life decided to give him something unexpected and totally out of the blue…

Major Missing

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In case you never knew, there are a few species of animals that can get depressed if they are emotionally or mentally harmed. Among them, dogs may be the ones we mostly see falling into this kind of mental state as they are the most popular pets. When this lovely dog named George had to go on without his best friend in 2014, he succumbed to a very deep depression.

How Will He Cope?

Since he was a very affectionate and attached dog, he would spend every waking moment with his pal. The two were inseparable and would never want to be torn apart, even for a few minutes. Since this was the case, his owners grew incredibly worried that George would not be able to recover. The two spent each day together so how would the poor pup cope with his huge loss?

Something Incredible

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So after losing his dearest friend, George had no choice but to live and go on with his life. He felt empty and his owners were worried he would never be the same again. They were so scared that his depression would get the best of him and that he would never return to his old, cheerful self. But after two years passed, something that took everyone by surprise occurred.

An Unexpected Encounter

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George had now gone 2 years without the company of his friend. It was difficult for his owners to see him become so lonely and inactive. He was always playful and loud, cheering the family with his old pal before. It had been a long, lonely time for the pooch but his life was soon about to turn a new leaf. George would soon encounter someone whom no one thought could ever make a difference…

10 Years Of Friendship

This is George. He had been living with his family for a long time now, with his dear pal. George and his best mate who is a Labrador named Blackie had been going strong ever since they first met 10 years ago. SO just imagine how long they had been companions for, that’s over a decade old friendship they shared. And indeed the two had such a strong connection.

An Inseparable Pair

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Blackie and George were so happy to be living together with their loving family. They were cared for and well-fed by the family that owns them. These two dogs did not have much to complain as they had each other if ever either of them felt a sense of loneliness. The two dogs did not like to be kept apart and would spend each day doing one or the other activity together.