Close Pals

George and his best friend Blackie enjoyed things that any other dog would. The two were healthy and playful when they were together or with their family. They thoroughly enjoyed playing outside, taking long, comforting naps and to just be together no matter what they did. They were basically joined to the hip because no one could do anything to tear them apart.

Coming To An End

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The two dogs met over 10 years ago. This would mean that they met when they were just puppies. They had gone through so much together and were always glad to have each other’s back. They had been with each other during the good times and bad times. The bond that they shared strengthens as they aged with time. But as life goes, all good things must eventually come to an end.

Severe Devastation

As the dogs were enjoying their time together, little did they know that their days were slowly getting numbered. We must keep in mind that 10 years is a long time for dogs, especially. And so with age comes complications in health. And unfortunately, Blackie unexpectedly expired in the year 2014, making George feel very alone and in a mental mess.

Fear For George’s Life

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So when his friend suddenly passed away, George was left to spend his days without his partner in crime. He did not function properly for a long while because he had lived his whole life with Blackie by side. And about two years later of spending his days without his friend, George’s owner was beginning to get afraid for his life. But little did everyone know that something was about to take over their lives…

Nearing Death

George went from being a dog that would cheer everyone up and brighten up the lives of others around him. He was a friendly dog who loved to do the silliest things with his partner Blackie. But now that Blackie was gone, life as he knew it was not the same. His owner was interviewed later and she revealed that George almost died twice and that he would regularly keep starving himself.

Nothing Could Cheer Him Up

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Poor George was so confused by the fact that his buddy was suddenly taken away from him and his behavior was much affected. He was no longer the fun-loving dog that would spark up the whole room. The loss of his best friend had just taken a toll on him and his will to live on. His owner tried so many things but nothing was strong enough to pull him out of his despair. So what could they do?