His extended family too began ignoring him. No one was ready to give him any kind of financial support. Gradually, they even stopped contacting him. It was a very difficult situation for him with no one around to help.

The Checks

The man finally got some disability welfare checks. But that too was not of much help as he learned that he will be receiving only $839 which was very small in this mega scheme. It seemed his bad days were never going to get over.   

Help From Friends

Friends are always there to help. His friends gave him a hand of help when they rented a small home for him that was not very far from Palmdale, CA. Krytzer along with his future wife Lisa shifted to the place. “We would literally go to Costco…and get a Costco [brand] hot dog and a Coke ’cause they were $1.50,” Krytzer explained. 

A House

The monthly rent of the house was $700 which seemed to be cheap to them. Krytzer immediately moved into the house. The man had gone back to square one. He had to settle down once again. It was not easy at all for someone like Krytzer who just had got his leg amputated.       

All Negative

Now the man did not have any job and money too was running away. He had to think of something very quickly. It was only going to get worse as not everyone bothers to give a job to a disabled person.

He Was Hopeful

The man did not have much money but eventually, he managed to buy a TV with the little money he had. Little did the man know that the TV he had just bought was going to change the course of his life. He loved watching TV as it would sway him away from the harsh reality for some time.