Social Media platform is a place where people can do various things. They can post whatever they want. They can connect whenever they can. It has become an important part of people’s daily life. In this story, a social media platform, Reddit, played a crucial role.

An Interesting Platform

Leaders Of The Internet

 Reddit is really good when you’re surfing the Internet for intriguing stories. A lot of people visit Reddit every day. They share their experiences with the world. Reddit even has sub-categories, where you can look up a particular topic and read its full information. There are several topics available on it. This unbelievable story is from one such topic.

Place for sharing personal experience

A Place For Storytelling

One of the most visited categories on Reddit is the  “Pics.” In “Pics” category people share pictures of intriguing things or even reveal experiences by captioning the photographs. Azathothfrog is a Redditor, who uploaded an amazing photo in 2015 and described the miracle that was the birth of his son.

The Common Complications

Sometimes Things Go Wrong

A women’s body is biologically meant to carry and give someone a gift of life. And during this process, problems can occur anytime. The complications during pregnancy are very common. It is very common, especially in underdeveloped countries. One of the main causes of this problem is the umbilical cord.

Importance of Umbilical Cord

The Cord Of Life

The main function of the umbilical cord is to deliver nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the baby during its developing time. However, things can get worse if the umbilical cord ends up in the wrong place.

Pregnancy phase was smooth

Smooth As Silk

The pregnancy phase of Azathothfrog’s wife was smooth. Fortunately, her body didn’t suffer from various infections or serious complications. The couple made special arrangements before the arrival of their child. But they were never prepared for what happened next.

Delivery Day

Time For A Baby

On the delivery day, everything was going according to the plan. His wife was shifted to the delivery room after a few hours of labor. Azathothfrog was with her the whole time. After a while, the baby’s head started to crown.