What could you expect from an Uber driver except for taking you anywhere you want to go driving you back home? Uber or Lyft drivers are superheroes in all ways as they are responsible for the safety of people riding along with them. Uber or Lyft drivers get to meet many personalities each day. Brandon Gale, one of the drivers faced an incident that demanded someone to think on their feet.

Daily Routine

Like any other day, Gale’s day started with a ping on his phone asking permission to accept the requests from the various passengers. He used to look at the requests and react accordingly. He was devoted towards his job hence keeping his family bit aside while working, he prioritized his job.

The Hope

Brandon Gale, like any other driver, after completing one ride was waiting for another one. He wished the next time he gets to drop anyone, it should be nearby his place so that he could get a chance to meet his little kid between the working hours.


Brandon Gale was a husband and a father. He played his role efficiently assigned to him. No matter how busy he got, he always finds a way back to his family as he was family-oriented. He considered himself lucky to have a loving wife and an adorable child.

No Cheating

Brandon loved his wife and his two children that much that he can’t think of any other issues apart from his family. His wife too, trusted him a lot which in turn made their relationship stronger. Trust was the foundation of their relationship which indeed helped in maintaining a happy marriage.

Work Mode On

It was a usual day and Gale was all tight scheduled as he was getting requests from the passengers which made him cancel many of the requests and accept those, which was nearby his house.

Way Back Home

Gale dropped his first ride to the destination and drove on the way back to his home. He thought of taking some rest before he gets back to work. He turned his car taking the next right and counted time and thought he would reach there in 20 minutes.