Fashion Trends That Make You Look Old and Out of Touch

The realm of fashion has forever revolved in cycles. What’s en vogue today can swiftly fall out of favour tomorrow. Nevertheless, some vintage fashion trends, far from making a resurgence, hold a firm grip on the past and cast those who embrace them in the present as outdated and out of sync.

We’ve carefully curated a collection of outdated fashion choices spanning from hairstyles and clothing to jewellery, makeup, and accessories. Our goal is to showcase these style blunders to help you make informed choices. The real question is, will you choose to embrace this wisdom or fiercely clutch onto these antiquated trends?

Big poofy Hair

While big hair might have been a staple for 1980s rock bands, like the perpetually exuberant Brian May pictured above, it’s a trend that should be consigned to that era, without question. It’s time to stow away the Aqua Net for good. Not only will this decision contribute to environmental sustainability, but it will also have the added benefit of rejuvenating your appearance.



These aren’t quite jeans, and they’re not quite leggings, but they undoubtedly represent a fashion misstep. Opt for either the classic comfort of jeans or the flexibility of leggings, and steer clear of this unattractive hybrid at all costs. 

Large jewellery

Large Jewelry The allure of oversized jewellery is understandable. It’s easy to assume that larger pieces convey a sense of luxury and opulence. However, the truth is, they often come across as flashy and desperate for attention. Opting for smaller, more functional accessories is undoubtedly the wiser choice.

Excessive Fake Tan

Fake TanLet’s be clear: fake tans rarely yield the desired results. While you may envision yourself resembling a supermodel or a Hollywood icon, the harsh reality often transforms you into a caricature, akin to Ross from the iconic episode of Friends or, at worst, a human-hot dog version of Hulk Hogan. So, it’s time to retire those aspirations of a 2009 Jersey Shore casting call and steer clear of the self-tanner.

Ultra Skinny brows

Slim Eyebrows Excessively plucked and ultra-skinny eyebrows had their heyday during the late 1990s and early 2000s. To be candid, this trend should have been left in the past two decades ago. Overly plucked brows not only age the person wearing them but also give off a vibe of being disconnected from contemporary culture.