We know that no two people can be similar and especially when it comes to women, every woman on this planet has different interests and choices. Well, why not, women have different shades of pink to choose from, so there is absolutely no way that two women can have similar choices. But does it mean that no two women can agree on one thing? This question is quite difficult to answer and many men might choose a diplomatic answer to save their lives. Out of all the similarities and dissimilarities, women have one thing in common all across the world and that is a dream. Yes, you read it right, a dream! A dream of getting married to the love of your life and flaunt the engagement ring in front of the whole world. But what if you have to face embarrassment because of the same ring? What would you do?


Every girl has a dream right from her childhood that when she’ll grow up, her prince charming will come on a horse( a Mercedes if not a horse!) and will go down on his knees and ask her to marry him with a beautiful ring in his hand. For every woman, this is the most awaited moment of her life and especially when the girl’s beau is her own best friend, then the moment becomes more special to her. Ariel, the protagonist of the story was no different than any other woman in the world. Then what might have gone wrong that her life changed forever when her beau finally went down on his knees with a ring?


What was so different about her ring that it became the talk of the town? Was there any defect in the ring that went unnoticed by the couple? Or did they buy an insanely expensive ring that made them regret the decision later? But whatever might be the reason, the to-be bride had to pay a high price for her engagement ring. This made her took the next step, but what was it?

The Story

Like any other couple, Ariel and Quinn McRae too have a very beautiful story. They were like the match made in heaven. Their friends and family were so happy when they officially announced that they were getting married. But how did the string of events happen that led them to this decision?


The to-be bride, Ariel, was just 21 years old when she met her beau Quinn who was a year older than her. They were really different, Ariel loved to dance and make new friends while Quinn used to enjoy his freedom. Both of them had different perspectives on life. Still, they were really shy when they had to open up about their relationship in public. Then what might have happened that the story of Ariel’s engagement ring went viral?

House Party

Like any rom-com, the couple met at a house party which was organized by their common friend. And he unknowingly played cupid in their love story without being aware of the fact. That night, both came to the same party without being aware that it was going to change their life forever. Ariel used to live her life to the fullest, she was the most extrovert person whereas on the other hand, Quinn used to remain quiet every time. So how did these contrasting personalities meet?

Poles Apart

Quinn still remembers the first time, he had set his eyes on her. She was frolicking around the stage. He had butterflies in his stomach the minute he saw her and had an urge to talk to her. But he was so shy to make the first move. Whereas the bride-to-be was enjoying the night and dancing like no one was watching. Quinn’s friend realized that something was cooking up in his mind. But what would he do?