This interesting and unbelievable incident took place in Colorado. An unassuming Janitor who never talked to anyone and for the same reason wasn’t even noticed by anyone at a school left each and every student in the school with a stutter. It even made the headlines of top newspapers and was all over the Television. Take a look at this exciting and thrilling story!

An Unassuming Janitor

One cannot say that the officers and cadets staying in the US Air Force Academy situated in Colorado Springs were wrong in considering William “Bill” Crawford who worked as the janitor there as unimpressive. As hardly anyone tries to even care by looking at a man in such a low-key profession. But, William who was working in the Academy for years, was no ordinary janitor and had an unbelievable past.

Discreet and Diligent

Still, one thing that everyone praised William for was his dedication towards the work and the discipline he showed towards mopping the floors of the academy and collecting janitorial supplies.He was very silent and rarely could be seen talking to anyone. This was one of the major reasons for no one paying attention towards him. But, this was going to change completely soon.

An Enigmatic Presence

With the excessive amount of physical strain that Crawford had to go through in his earlier years led him to search for a job without much hassle post-retirement. He was born in Pueblo, Colorado in the year 1918. People in the academy had a perception of “a single old man working in a young person’s world,” towards him.

Not Just a Wallflower Janitor

When asked about William, Retired Air Force Col. James Moschgat, who used to be in the academy at the same time as Crawford described as a man who was extremely shy with the age gap acting between him and the cadets being the major barrier of communication.“The Academy, one of the premier leadership lab in the USA, kept us busy from dawn till dusk. And Mr. Crawford … well, he was just a janitor,” recalled Moschgat.

Ordinary or Extraordinary

As already told before, Crawford hardly talked with anybody in the family. This intensified the mystery-shrouded with his personal life even more. Though, one could judge from his looks and body structure that he was “retired military”. William’s only desire was to work dutifully and add to the benefits of his pension package.

Change in the Air

It was the rare instances of a cadet initiating the talk that people would witness Crawford uttering words from his mouth. One thing which was clearly evident was the fact that Crawford felt proud to be associated with the academy even if it was by working as a Janitor. It was the year 1976 that would prove to be revolutionary for the Academy.