We all have our life stories that are filled with some good moments, some bad ones and yeah with some dark secrets. This story is about an ordinary looking old janitor who shook the entire country with his long kept secret. His life had been a subject of several unannounced incidents that remained a mystery until a boy took upon himself to unravel them all. His life journey is nothing short of a thriller movie that keeps you riveted till the end. Read the story of this enigmatic janitor who kept deceiving people with its ordinary profile and eventually emerged as someone anyone had no idea about. And also find out what this ordinary janitor actually did that made him the prime subject of a world-famous piece of writing and even compelled the honorable president of the country to meet him. And how that legendary moment moved everyone who witnessed it even the president himself.

A Janitor

William “Bill” Crawford was a janitor working at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Normally, ignored by many and greeted by few, this janitor had the responsibility of keeping the whole of the building clean. You could see him buffing mirrors, mopping floors or spraying or just merely tinkering with the stuff all around the academy. He was cleaning up after some 100 young cadets. Despite his round, the clock appearance on the campus, his presence to others was as silent as grave. Perhaps, he was the most ignored person in the academy. This janitor had a very ordinary life like other janitors until a secret from his past got busted that drastically changed his present and future!

Discreet And Diligent

The janitor was doing his work immaculately. He had been doing this for a very long time but not for a single time did he ever get noticed by anyone. Only a few of cadets used to greet him and other preferred ignoring him. If only they knew who he really was! No doubt, the ununiformed janitor had successfully disguised himself in the boisterous atmosphere of the premises. As mentioned earlier, “Mr. Crawford” was leading a very low-key life with his personal life completely hidden. But it seemed his past was too eager to come to the fore and shock people. What did he have in his past?

The Odd One In

Another reason behind the unnoticed presence of the janitor was his appearance. His grey hair that signified his oldness kept the young blood from approaching him. Along with that due to growing grey, he had wrinkles on his face that made him look even more disinteresting for the students. Who likes to talk to an introvert old janitor? Who would want to know their life story? Nobody. The sole thing that amused students about him was his crooked smile, it was quite funny. The one thing was clear that he looked completely odd in the school of young cadets.

An Enigmatic Presence

Crawford is the native of Pueblo, Colorado where he has been residing since his birth i.e 1918. The greying man had a very hectic lifestyle during his previous job that is why he decided to take up an easy going job post-retirement. That is why he embraced the profile of a janitor. Surprisingly, from there on he never talked about his previous profession to anyone. Nobody knew where this man had come from. He was always considered a mismatch to the campus that was teamed with the younger generation. The later-published accounts of those who met him stated about him “an old man working in a young person’s world.”

Not Just A Wallflower Janitor

Col. James Moschgat who is a retired Air Force personnel was one of the cadets when he met the janitor. He vividly remembers the shyness and introvert nature of Mr. Crawford.  The wide age gap between the cadets and the janitor was always an invisible barrier between the cadet and the mysterious janitor. The impalpable hurdle prevented them from getting personal with him. Moschgat recounted “The Academy, one of our nation’s premier leadership laboratories, kept us busy from dawn till dusk. And Mr. Crawford … well, he was just a janitor.” At that time Mr. Moschgat was not aware of the unpredicted turn that his neigh future was going to take.

Ordinary Or Extraordinary

Not everything that looks ordinary is ordinary! Crawford seemed fundamentally common but in reality, he was anything but common. The reason usually considered by the people behind him taking this petty job up was his need to add to his pension. It is true that a very limited number of people knew his full name. However, it was easy for people to make out that he was very committed to his work owing to his highly disciplined nature and perfection in everything he did. What they could not guess was his unexpected past that was soon going to give them an adrenaline rush. On the other side, the janitor also never tried to reveal his past to anyone. But why?