Who doesn’t love their dog? Their loving pet lick, sparkling eyes and that tail which they wag, on your sight. The moment our dear four-legged animal see us, he would come running and would jump on us. The way they roll on their backs and would hop aside us and cuddle, it just takes away our heart. Who needs a human partner when we have such a loving creature next to us. They understand our emotions well and reciprocate those with sincerity.

Imagine losing this beloved dog of yours. Does the mere thought broke your heart or scare you? Don’t worry you were only imagining. But the woman of our story skipped a heartbeat when her pitbull goes missing. That wasn’t all, her ex-boyfriend elopes with the dog only to take a revenge. Will the woman and her dog make it for a reunion or would they be the victims of a split?

Single Mother

Ikea Mosley is a resident of  Wichita, Kansas. She is a single mother to two kids and is also a mother of pit bull mix whom she calls as Zimba. She is an independent woman working as a Food Production Professional. She is a loving mother who balances her personal and professional life well. It was really heartbreaking when she finds out that Zimba her rockstar was missing.

My Baby Pooch

Ikea and Zimba’s relationship was no less than a mother and her child. Zimba would wait for her to return from work. He could be seen on the door wagging his tail at the right hour when Ikea would step back home. Not only this he would eat only when his mom was aside, and would sleep in bed next to her. After being left by her spouse, Zimba’s love was all Ikea found solace in.

A Walk To Remember

It was some 8 years that Zimba has been a part of Ikea’s life. The love and attention which they paid to each other made them an inseparable part of each other’s life. One fine day, Ikea and Zimba went for a walk as usual, where Ikea met an attractive man and soon only they turned into good friends.

Friends To Couple

The random morning walks with Zimba turned into breakfast dates when Ikea and her new friend started sharing a special place in each other hearts. Ikeya could see that this new human was adding another meaning to her life and they came into a relationship. Her boyfriend loved Zimba as much as her.

Found A Dad

Zimba initially didn’t like Ikea’s boyfriend much, but with time he too developed an attachment with him. He, at last, found a Dad for him. They would cuddle and watch soccer together. Little did the poor pup know that his new dad will do the unimaginable to him. Something so cruel none would have ever thought.

A Roadtrip

Ikea’s boyfriend planned a road trip to Maryland. Unfortunately, Ikea due to her work commitments could not join her sweetheart on this road trip. But Zimba and Mosley’s boyfriend went on the adventurous road trip. Zimba was quite excited as evident from his continuous barking. Who knew that it would be the last trip that the dog would see.