People wait for months and years for the most special day of their lives, the wedding day. The plannings start months before the actual date of the event. And when the day is finally near, the nerve-wracking excitement is at its peak. Imagine if you get to hear of inconceivable news on the eve of your wedding day. Will you be able to survive it or will you become debilitated?
And will you forgive the person who is the reason for ruining your wedding?
Grab a bowl of popcorn for this story of one of its own kind of wedding. There was a bride, a groom, and there were the bridesmaids. But there was also someone who spoiled the whole wedding.
Who could it be? And what could have possibly gone wrong?

Wedding Day

The wedding day is one of the most special days of an individuals’ life. It embarks the start of a new journey built on trust, love, affection, care, and several other emotions. But what happens when the “Big Day” goes wrong and leaves a piece of appalling news and nothing else? 

Bride’s Day

The most exciting person at a wedding is the bride. It is supposed to be her day, and she is supposed to be the lady of the day, fetching all the attention and praises for herself. But what will happen when she will get to hear that her wedding will not be as she had planned it, but will prove out to be the contrary of what she had planned. 


The bride whose story we are talking about was also exhilarated for her wedding day with the man she had chosen to be her better-half. But was it going to be the wedding that she had imagined, dreamed and planned about? Certainly not. And why not? Because she was going to get a piece of news that she had never imagined and that would change her and the would-be groom’s life forever. 

Not A Regular Wedding

The bride and her groom had planned a perfect day for themselves and their family and friends. They had put a lot of thought into all the little details and wanted everything to be perfect. But this wedding was going to be far from perfect. It was not a regular wedding that the guests would attend. 

The Bridesmaids

What is a wedding without the bridesmaids? They will support you, be your confidants, and calm you down when you will be on the verge of breaking down. The bridesmaids are the heart of a wedding and so was the case at this wedding. The bridesmaids will be there till the end.

Famous Story

And it was one of the bridesmaids in this wedding that made us all aware of the story. She took the whole of the wedding to her twitter account with all the incidents that took place at this not-so-regular wedding and made mysterious revelations about the incidents that took place on the eve just before the wedding day.