Life is really unpredictable and it can turn the best moment of your life into the most difficult moment of your life. Giving birth is one of the most beautiful and pure feelings for a mother. It is all about welcoming a swaddled newborn, and it’s too adorable if the newborn is a puppy.

But then, remember, life is unpredictable. What seems to be the perfect day one moment can turn out to be the worst day of your life the very next moment. Louise Sutherland has a dog named Rio, a golden retriever, who was into labor and what happened while Rio gave birth was something Louise had never imagined she would witness. And ever since, it has been one of the rarest sights ever witnessed.

Louise Sutherland

Louise lives in Golspie in Scottish Highlands and has been an animal lover since childhood. She has a lot of pets that she takes care of and loves unconditionally, but Rio is her favorite and the whole family has a special corner in their heart for Rio. 


When her beloved dog fell pregnant, Louise had been very excited and all set to be by Rio’s side at all times. This was not the first time that Rio was going to give birth, but what was going to happen this time would be something that has never happened before. 

The Duo

Louise and her daughter both loved taking care of their pets and were keen animal lovers. When Rio was pregnant again in 2017, they had thought their lives would change and be more exciting with newborn puppies around them. Little did they know how their life was going to take a very surprising turn. 

Never Seen Before

Louise had been surrounded by pets and animals for a very long time and she knew about all the weird, different and strange ways that the animals behave in. But when her favorite golden retriever was giving birth to her puppies, Louise saw something never seen before. 


Louise’s most beloved pet Rio was three years old in 2017 and was pregnant for the second time now. Everything seemed to be perfectly good. The veterinarian had said that the mother as well the puppies were healthy. Then what could possibly go wrong?

First Pregnancy

Rio had her first litter of puppies in 2016. She was 2 years old then, and it had been one of its own kind of experience for Louise and her daughter. They had been on top of the world during the first pregnancy, but things were not going to be the same this time.