No Complications

In 2016, Rio had no complications at all, neither during pregnancy nor while giving birth. She had given birth to healthy puppies and that is just why Louise had presumed that her second pregnancy would also be just fine. But she was going to experience something never seen before. 


For her first pregnancy, Mrs. Sutherland said, “Rio had a total of seven boys and one girl and they are all great and growing like mushrooms.” But this time was not going to be like the previous time. And no one was prepared for it. 

First Babies

After the most special and beautiful hours of Rio’s life, she gave birth to five cute puppies in 2016. They were very pretty, just like their mother, and were put for adoption after a few days of their birth. 


Mrs. Sutherland had decided that they would give the puppies to other loving families who would take care of the puppies and look after them very lovingly, giving them all the attention that they deserved, since it would be impossible for her to do so.

Difficult Decision

It was one of the toughest things to see the puppies go away back then. Although Louise and her family knew that it was for the best, they could not make themselves strong enough to see the newly born puppies go away from them.

Prepared This Time

Louise and the family were prepared this time that they would have to give the puppies away after their birth because it was practically impossible to take care of so many pets at one time. But they were unaware of what the future situation was going to be like and how it would make all their plans go in vain.