A  family from Greenbelt, Maryland was going to attend a family reunion in a stormy afternoon when they witnessed something really strange. There was a woman standing in the middle of the road. Whereas everything was swaying in the strong winds the lady stood firm and unmoved. It was a bizarre sight to watch for the family. They decided to ask her as to why she was standing in this stormy rain that too without an umbrella? Well, the answer made their heart weep.

Greenbelt, Maryland

Greenbelt is a city situated in Prince George County near Washington D.C. A number of its residents travels to the capital every day for their job and studies. The city nears Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA and University of Maryland. Well, this peace-loving city has a population of 23,000 residents. The city has a rich history. 

Green City

The settlement was designed in the 1930s by the U.S. government with the intention of making it their “green” cities. The city was planned to shelter some required housing for the Washington D.C. region that happened to be pocket-friendly too. The city has emerged as a desirable region to reside in thanks to its closeness to the capital along with the amazing transportation choices.   

On Route

Carolyn and Kevin Hammett were driving with Honora, their little daughter to attend a family reunion when a strange sight caught their eyes. This small family lives in Greenbelt, Maryland and has a good reputation. Ask their neighbors and they would describe them as friendly and helpful. Being a responsible citizen and kind-hearted beings they pulled over their car to see what was wrong.   

One Stormy Day

The day of family reunion was not an ordinary one. It was raining heavily that particular day making driving difficult for Kevin. The roads were flooded with rainwater and the vision had gone blurred due to the constant downpour. Consequently, the traffic was running slow.

Worse Than Ever

Whenever there was rain in the Greenbelt, the already bad road of the city would get worst. However, none of them had any idea that the situation would get this bad. The rain was happening incessantly. And it was just the beginning of their adventure. The real twist was yet to come.

An Officer

They knew they were going to get late for the reunion. Their worries turned into astonishment when they spotted a lady police officer standing amid the waterlogged road instructing traffic. It was still raining dog and cat. They could not understand why the lady was taking the trouble of directing the traffic.