It is a very sad moment for a family to lose their dog. Our beloved pet is no less than family to us and if he or she goes missing, the world is no more a happy place to live in for us. The extent to which we love and care for our pooch is something that cannot be described in words. Things get even worse when after constant efforts we aren’t able to locate our missing pet.

This is what happens to the Robles family from Texas when there loving labrador Lola goes missing. They were devastated. Almost a year passed and all their hopes were now shattered. And then one fine day…

 The Robles

Robles was a happy family from Texas. Icela, her husband and her two kids Jeslyn and Joshua were cherishing life like any other family. They would eat and sleep together, go for picnics and holidays. Life turned even better when they adopted a loyal friend.

Hey Lola

The Robles always wanted to have a dog, and when they came across Lola-a young adorable golden labrador at the pet shop, they knew that she was the one they want to raise up. Without much delay, they got her home. She was ruling the Robles place now.

 Running Around

Lola along with Jeslyn and Joshua would run around the entire house. The kids day would end by looking after their new family member. Icela was happy to see her kids this happy. To her, she now had 3 kids and her family was complete. Little did she know life is never a cakewalk.

The Trio

All of us who own a dog what is it to have one. Suddenly your daily chores would include tasks related to your pooch. Icela’s kids were the one who shouldered the responsibility of taking care of their sibling. They turned into a lovable trio always with one another. Soon only it all broke.

That Day

On a Sunday afternoon, Icela took her kids to a birthday party. Her husband was sleeping and Lola was in her kennel. The day was going as usual. However, Icela did not expect that on her return, she wouldn’t be finding her house the way she left it.

Lola Lola?

On her return, the first thing which Icela did was serve food to Lola. She took the dog tray to her kennel. She was shocked to see that Lola wasn’t there. She looked for her in the lawn and even near the front gate but she was nowhere to be seen. Icela heart sank. She panicked.