How often does it happen that when we are busy finding a particular thing, we stumble upon something unexpected? But regardless of age, forgotten things refresh old memories and leave us in a bliss a lot of times. But what if while doing the most mundane job of the day you encounter something long lost at your place which is not even yours? What will you do, will you try to find from where it came or abandon it again just like the previous owner? A farmer too discovered something from the long lost past and the revelation about the object left him flabbergasted.

A Usual Day

It was just like the other day in the county of Silchester in Hampshire, England, a farmer was getting ready because he had to leave early for his work and wrap up the leftover plowing as soon as he would reach the field. It had been days and he was not able to concentrate on his work like before. For him, the plowing had always been a monotonous job.

 Making The Two Ends Meet

He never used to look forward to his mundane work every day but he had to do it because that was the only way he was able to make two ends meet. As his kids were growing now he needed to have a stable job that could pay him enough so that he had enough to fill everyone’s stomach as well as do certain savings.

That Summer

So that day of summer 1785 as usual, he woke up a little before the dawn broke. He got ready, took his equipment and grabbed something to eat. His wife and kids were sleeping so he didn’t disturb them and left the house half-heartedly. Without having the clue something marvelous awaited him that could possibly change his life forever.

Alone At The Field

When he reached his field he saw that he was the first one to arrive otherwise, he used to arrive in a group while chatting before he used to start his work in the field. So initially, he found it difficult to concentrate on plowing as chit-chatting with his fellow farmers had become his habit and that day there was no one.


He was determined to finish it before the dusk so he could go to the market and sell it off at a fair price. He had already cataloged the things that he was going to bring back home. It had been several days since they had a meal together this made him worked hard so that he could spend some time with his family. Soon the sun was on his head and he was plowing the last row before he was to set out for home.

Unseen Hurdle

The farmer was aware that as soon as the sun would be setting, it will become difficult for him to plow afterward as the weather would turn a bit chilly. The moment he was trying to plow a patch he thought he heard a noise. For once he thought he had mistaken but his doubt materialized as soon as he came back on the same spot while plowing. What was the object that had created the hurdle or was he really mistaken?