What is that one thing which makes a fiction better than reality? The fact that in the fiction world you are allowed to use your imagination to flow in any direction you want. But this story is nonfictional. A simple farmer, Jacobus Hermanus Brits from Namibia, South Africa discovered a weird looking huge stone which was not a stone but something else. But it wasn’t at that very moment the farmer got to know about it because it wasn’t something he was able to understand. The experts were notified about the discovery. They found out what an astonishing thing it was that changed everything for everyone around the world. People were amazed to see that something this big and huge stayed hidden for all this time.

The Location Of The Discovery

In Namibia, South Africa, a small farmer discovered an astonishing stone that was not actually a stone but seemed like one if looked for the first time. What surprised the farmer most was the fact that he never noticed this strange rock before even though he had spent almost all his life in this area. But whatever reasons were, fortunately, he was able to find the most amazing thing in the world that changed his life forever.

What’s That?

This farmer who was working on the Hoba farm spotted the top of the rock that was really strange because rocks aren’t structured the way this so-called rock was. But he didn’t give it much attention and carried on with the work that seemed more important to him at that time. But you know, there is a time when we see something and we aren’t able to concentrate as that one thing keeps popping inside our head. The same happened to him and he tried his best to leave the rock as it is. But he was destined for it. 

Maybe Later

The next day the farmer was at the same farm trying his best to focus on his work. But there was something about that huge rock that was telling him that he should check it out. Other than its huge size and structure there was nothing special about the rock but still, he was amazed by its uniqueness and the fact that he hasn’t seen a rock this big in size in his entire life. Was it really a rock or something else entirely? He found out soon. When he was told what this rock actually was he was left speechless.

An Astonishing Site

Unable to control his emotions he left the farm to solve the mystery behind this rock that was standing tall, proud of the fact that even after such a long time nobody was able to find out what it was. Like a detective, the farmer was moving towards the rock. There was this new feeling inside is a body that was making him weird in the stomach. The farmer reached the spot where this rock was standing middle of other rocks as if these small rocks were guarding the king. But then he realized that he should call the appropriate authorities.

To The Spot

After reaching the spot, the farmer was inspecting the rock. This huge rock with no qualities of being called as one made the farmer really confused about its existence. Where did it come from? Why nobody spotted this mysterious rock before? The farmer was literally confused about the rock but the excitement was making him want to know more about the rock. And he found out…

Weird Looking Rock

We all know how it feels to touch the outer surface of the rock which is smooth in nature due to all those long natural processes they go through. But this rock was really huge. The farmer touched the surface of the rock which was exactly the same as the rocks but it wasn’t a rock. If you are thinking it was a fossil then my friend you are not even close to solving the mystery. Then what was it? You’ll see soon. And believe us it would be something you might have not seen in your life.