Somehow they managed to get past the gate and entered into one of the compartments, Victor was sort of relieved when he stepped into the train from the bustling platform with his daughter. It seemed like he was now safe from an unknown danger. What was he afraid of and was he and his daughter safe now?

 Settling Down

When Victor found a quiet compartment he hurried inside to take up his seat and was relieved to find a couple with a kid in front of them. He settled down on the seat and put his daughter on the adjacent seat while she was still fast asleep. He looked at his daughter’s face and sighed in relief. Was there really no danger now?

Taking A Nap

As it was already a stressful night, Victor’s eyes were closing in between as he was already tired. He couldn’t catch any sleep last night and wanted to doze up for a while. But he tried to be awake as he didn’t want to jeopardize his daughter’s security at any cost. He was so tired that he dozed off while watching his daughter.


He didn’t know how much he had slept and for how long but he was feeling really relaxed. He opened his eyes and looked beside him and what he saw took his breath away. His daughter was missing, he looked around the compartment but there was no sign of her. To his surprise, the family which was sitting there was also gone. Where was his daughter?

Searching Her

He searched everywhere possible for his daughter but there was no sign of her anywhere. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. Tears came out of his eyes. Suddenly the phone rang from his pocket and it was his wife’s call. He didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone and tell her what had happened.

What To Do Now?

He fiddle footed around the station but there was no sign of his daughter anywhere. His wife was calling him constantly but he had no courage to answer the call so he kept avoiding it. Then suddenly he wiped the tears off his face and raced towards the station to ask for help. Would it help him find his daughter?