If you own a pet, you know what it is like to have one. We care for him like our own kid. The doggo or the kitty make our world bloom with happiness. Their wagging tail, little paws and the soft fur all are worth dying for. And not to forget, they are the best cuddle partners.

We love them so much that imagining our lives without them is the toughest of all. Unfortunately, a family loses their dog. The doggo goes missing and the family is stressed. For nearly a month, they try to find him, but couldn’t. All they hoped was for the pooch’s safety and well being. When all the worst thoughts came to them, they have a new problem which was furthermore distressing.

Went Missing

The family was in a state of panic. Bruno-their belove Labrador Retriever mix was now missing for over a month. They have been trying their best to find their pooch but as days passed their hopes turned into despair. Though they didn’t wish to agree that they have lost him forever, they had no other options either.

In Tears

The family for the most obvious reasons was in pain. Everything at their home would remind them of their dog. His barks, his tail that he would wag the moment he would see them, how he would come running to greet his dad at the door every evening. At this phase in life, only a reunion with their Bruno could help them out. But this didn’t seem to happen.

The Family

John and Cindy Billesberger, a couple from Estevan in Saskatchewan, Canada owned a labra-retriever who they named as Bruno. They brought him home when he was a few months old. The couple was fond of dogs and owned three other pooches. When Bruno came to them, they felt as if the family was now complete.

Happy Together

Bruno, with his three elder siblings, were happy together. They would play with each other, run from one corner of the lawn to the other. The three elder brothers have nurtured and loved him like their young baby. And when he went missing, these three were deeply disheartened and saddened. As if they had lost all the vitality from their life.

One Day

The four dogs had this routine of going to the nearby park and playing there. They then would return home for the supper. But, one day in the month of September 2016, four dogs went for their usual walk but only 3 returned home.

Where’s Bruno?

Bruno went missing and none knew where he was. Even the three other dogs had no clue where the younger one was. They barked and roamed around but couldn’t find Bruno. When John and Cindy realized this, their heart skipped a beat.