Life Changed

This little kid had his entire life changed! Blood transfusion and chemotherapy became an integral part of his life. Miles was a toddler and going through chemotherapy weeks after weeks was too much to expect from him. However, there was no other way out. The treatment sucked the energy out of him leaving him tired and weak. His immune system got so vulnerable that he needed to be kept away from crowds. There was one thing nobody could keep Miles away .

Favorite Hero

miles scott batman batkid tulelake californiaWhen Miles was not busy with his treatment, he used to watch old episodes of Batman with his father. He loved superheroes and Batman was his favorite among them. He was so enchanted by the superheroes that all he wanted was costumes and toys like them. His mother did never stop him from watching superhero series as she thought it would help him to differentiate between wrong and right.


miles scott tulelake californiaThe tedious treatment procedure was harassing him even when it was done. He began to have nightmares making him cry all night. Sadly, he was too little to understand what was going on in his life. Usually, the kids his age are agile and play a lot but he had himself limited to his house as he always stayed too exhausted to go out and run around. 

Miles Has A Wish

miles scott parents nick natalie make a wish foundationMany years passed by with him undergoing chemotherapy to battle leukemia. Owing to his persisting disease, he got qualified to get a present from The Make-A-Wish Foundation. When his parents heard of it, they wasted no time in reaching them out. It was a ray of light in darkness and he was too excited to participate. His parents wasted no time in arranging a meeting with local volunteers for the organization.

Telling The Tale

In the meeting, they informed the volunteers about how their son got diagnosed with leukemia at such a vulnerable age and how courageously he was battling with that since then. No need to say that was an emotional moment with both the parents having their eyes moist with tears. It pulled at the heartstring of volunteers and they turned towards the kid to know more about him.

What Does He want?

Subsequently, volunteers interacted with Miles. He asked him what he wishes for? Miles had to color a picture of that. What he drew was nothing short of a surprise for volunteer and his parents. He made a picture of Batman and the reason behind it was soon going to sweep the floor under their feet.