Giving Him The Nickname Prince Charming

Because there was so much of confusion and drama that surrounded this adorable baby when he was born, they decided to give him a nickname “Prince Charming.” Dr. Kummer claims that his hair would go darker as years went on.

Is This Really Albinism Or Not?

Bence has a very different look so obviously people were quick to point out his look and appearance. One person has a contrasting opinion and thinks his hair would not turn darker and is a sign of early albinism. Do these infants need extra care as well?

Getting The Right Diagnosis

“It can be underdiagnosed. One of my grandchildren has yellow albinism. It was brought to our attention by the eye doctor when he was 2. He is now 12 and is considered legally blind,” one person left a comment on social media.

There Are Some Similar Cases

“My daughter was born with hair like that. She has dirty blonde hair now and some pigment but she has albinism,” one woman said.

An Otherwise Healthy Baby

There are many opinions shared as to why his hair turned out like this where it could even be lack of vitamin B12. There is no sign of albinism in Bence’s genetic test results. One girl was also born with a streak of white hair amidst her black curly hair.

The Little Girl With The Streak

There was also one baby girl name MilliAnna who came into this world in 2016. This newborn baby girl was given all the care she needs. But even she was born with a full set of black hair and a white streak in the middle.