Thinking He wanted them to know that he is there to help them out. But was not getting a proper solution for that. So he stepped back and plonked himself on a nearby rock. He sat there for a few moments pondering what to do. He looked at them and the dogs gazed back at him. The dogs were literally rooted to the spot. Denis was drawing all the possible solutions in his mind and it was then when he was jolted out of his reverie by a thundering sound approaching his side. That was a do or die situation for Denis as if he does not do something at the time, the dogs were going to die! But first of all, where was that heart shuddering sound coming from?

The Sound Of Death It was the sound of a speeding train! That was the last thing Denis was expecting. The train was moving fastly towards the dogs. He looked first at the direction of approaching train and then towards the dogs. The sound of train’s whistle was getting clearer second by second. Denis felt a drop of tear trickle down his cheek. He had never felt so helpless in his entire life. He really had to do something to save those innocent lives but what is it that he could do? And those dogs were not going to do anything for them especially, the one who was protecting his sister from Denis. Was he not going to do something to protect his sister from imminent death?  Well, he did something very unbelievable.

What Is He Doing?

Instead of running away for his life, the brother stayed put on the track. Denis had never expected that he would see something so unbelievable. The dog paced towards his injured sister after hearing the bustling of the train. He and his sister both put his head to the ground. He was ready to be mauled down by a train with his sister. It is amazing, as just because his sister could not move he also got ready to give up his life. Denis had never seen something like this in his entire life, he got enchanted with the affection of the brother for his sister.

The Moment The dogs were ready to die beneath the train with their heads down to the ground. Perhaps, Denis was going to witness a horrible moment of his life. It was astounding to him as he had never seen an animal sacrificing its life for another animal. Humans never do so, expecting it from animals is a far-off thing. The brother did not budge and continued to lay on the track. Denis could not do anything but see that train approaching them. Finally, the train and the dogs had no distance between them at all. It is to see what was going to happen with them.

Seeing Something Unusual The train passed over them! Denis did not want to look towards the track again. But when he looked he got immensely amazed. Both the dogs were sitting unscathed on the track. For Denis, it was a beautiful surprise! The penny dropped and he realized that this is how the brother was protecting his sister from trains. Every time a train came towards them he used to run towards her and comfort her. That is how it was going on for last two days. It was all because of the protective dog only that the injured dog was alive. The protective dog was taking care of the injured dog in every possible way. He used to find and bring food for her when she got hungry. He was making sure his sister remains secure and safe. Denis got deeply moved by his action. Denis wrote “I don’t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment,” he added I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it!”

What Next? Denis felt the urge to help these beautiful dogs. But for that, he had to make a strategy to win the trust of the protective dog. Denis began to lure the brother with treats. He provided him with morsels of food. Initially, the strategy seemed to be a big failure as the brother refused to exude. But gradually, his constant efforts bore fruit and the dog began responding to his actions. Apparently, both the dogs were hungry and after little hesitance, the protective dog gorged upon the food. Soon, the dog developed a feeling of trust for Denis. After getting warmed up with Denis he eventually, let him touch his injured sister. It took him so many hours to win his trust. He did not growl or bare his teeth at him.