Bill’s carry bag somehow broke knocking over his grocery upon the sidewalk right at the time when Melissa and her stepson Phillip were just about to get inside the store. Was it a co-incidence or something else, that only time will tell. The old man was initially shocked with a much helpless look on his face. He knelt down to pick up all the groceries that fell, but it was obvious from the sight that the old man could use some help.

 To Help or Not

Seeing the helpless old man struggling in picking up the groceries touched Melissa. Although the old man never verbally asked for help he looked vulnerable and helpless to the point that it was impossible for Melissa to stop herself from offering help. However, she was hesitant in the first place to rescue a stranger and save his day as he didn’t ask for it and you never know how the other person can respond these days. So what did she do next?

To The Rescue

She didn’t think much of how the old man would react as she was about to offer her help and it was all in the good for the old man. She checked in and headed towards the old man to see how he was doing and it was obvious that he wasn’t doing good. She knelt down to pick up the items that belonged to the old man and she placed it into another bag which wasn’t broken. Bill was overwhelmed by Melissa’s act of generosity and how immediate she was to reach out. Melissa had never expected that her kind act would change her day.

Start Of The Conversation

When a complete stranger comes to your help what you do? The least you can do is thank them and that’s what Bill did. He appreciated the woman for being the only person to help him among all those stood there. Moreover, the two strangers started to exchange words and Melissa was quite comfortable so it wasn’t an awkward conversation. Not only that, but Melissa also told Bill that it was her stepson’s 9th birthday, the reason why they were at the store.

Financial Crisis

It was Phillip’s ninth birthday as Melissa mentioned but what were they doing at the Walmart on his special day. Yes, they were to pick up groceries but I know better ways of celebrating a birthday. But unfortunately, it turned out that Melissa didn’t have the money to buy her son anything special on his precious day. It was really sad to know this as no one should ever miss out on celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas eve because of their empty pockets.


It wasn’t just Melissa who kept talking eating the old man’s ears off. Bill also discussed an important detail about his past i.e. he was a World War II veteran. By this point, the ice had broken between the two and Melissa told Bill that she was here to get Phillip’s broken glasses fixed as it was the most she could do on her stepson’s special day. She was feeling down at the same for not being able to make Phillip’s birthday memorable. “Believe it or not, I don’t have one present for his birthday,” she told Bill. And out of nowhere Bill would surprise everyone.