Imagine that you had just finished your work, the weekend is knocking on the doors and you are all in your pajamas binge-watching your favorite T.V show and then there is this massive thump on the attic what would you do? Would you follow the noise or would you choose to ignore it? Many of the people would go after the noise to find out who is it but some would ignore like the protagonist of the story without having an idea that he would be stunned afterward.

A Usual Night

Bob and Linda van der Herchen had just sat down after the dinner and were watching Television and simultaneously catching up with their kids. It was the routine that they used to follow religiously every Saturday and Sunday night. And this Saturday too, they were having the same discussion when they heard the loud thump. But this time it was too loud to be ignored.


Bob never thought it was more than a mice or a rat and hence he never investigated the attic and today too he was in no mood to do so even when his kids and wife frowned at him. Due to the peak season, he didn’t get any chance to enjoy a peaceful weekend with his family. And when he finally managed a holiday from his busy schedule, he didn’t want to ruin the opportunity just because of some harmless creature living in the attic.

Bob, The Bee Rescuer

Bob owned a company named Bob van der Herchen Bee Removal & Rescue company, which aimed at harmlessly removing bees from people’s houses for the last many years. So he was confident enough that these were just the bees or rats and he wasn’t one of those people who distraught someone’s peace especially the bees because they weren’t paying rents. And it had been years and he had not seen any sign of damage or gnawing by rats or mice. Hence he thought of leaving the poor creatures undisturbed. But what if, whatever he was thinking was wrong and the creatures weren’t just mice or rats?

Finding Ways

After finishing the dinner when Linda went in to do dishes, Adam their son, was mischievous and curious to find out about the noise in the attic. So he sneaked into his room to find ways to see what was there in the attic. He took a big stick and climbed on the bed and started inserting the stick in between the old slat to see if he could find something. But he didn’t have much expectation as he thought the rat or mice might run away as soon as they would feel the stick. Would he be able to find the infiltrator?

Rats, really?

While he was doing so, his stick suddenly got stuck and he was unable to move it around. He thought he might have got hold of the filthy creature that was roaming around and as he called out his parents the stick broke into half. When the parent ran to his room he was holding the broken stick in his hand and his face turned pale yellow because he was stunned by what had happened.


All the family members were now staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what it might be. Linda and Adam’s curiosity was constantly increasing while Bob was calm and tried to simmer his wife and son down too. But after this incident, it had become difficult for both of them to calm their selves because now they were apprehensive there might be more than rats or mice in the attic. Would they be able to find out?