On the white sanded beach of Kekaha in Kauai, you will experience many breath-taking moments, like, the intense blue of the Pacific, mouth-watering smell of the local barbeques with slow and soothing sounds of waves. But if you really want to see the beauty of the place then you should wait until sunset because only then you might see what most people aren’t aware of. There is a forbidden island that no one is allowed to visit. What is that island and what is the reason that humans are not allowed to visit it? There have been several attempts when people tried to enter the island but, they met the most unexpected fate that made them regret their decision. This story is non-fictional, you’ll see that in the real world there are some places that are still out of human reach. Reaching Mars is possible but not this place.

Rich History

When you are in Hawaii, you can find people wearing those beautiful garlands around their heads, tanned surfers, and amazing view that makes you want to stay for longer when you know your vacation is about to end. There is a very interesting history that revolves around this incredible island of which only a few have around about. As time passed, the Hawaiian culture was lost due to the colonization never to be seen again. But among the beautiful huge mountains, there was one place that stayed hidden for centuries. This island survived everything but still didn’t allow any external human entry. But why? You’ll find out soon.

The Beginning Of Everything

17 miles away from the coast of Kauai lies this forbidden island, which is also the smallest Hawaiian island. This island banned human entry some 150 years ago and even today nobody has been able to set foot on this island. Because of the fact that nobody is allowed to enter this island people gave it a name, “the forbidden island.” But what is the reason that we aren’t allowed to visit the place? What lies between those huge forests and mountains that we aren’t allowed to see?

The Nickname

As time passed the story of the forbidden island grew and spread all around the world. Just imagine the curiosity and frustration among the people when they found out that though we can reach Mars on Earth, there is still one place that is out of our reach. This island became the mystery that was impossible to solve. In movies, when Sherlock wants to solve some case, he goes to the scene to understand the depth of the situation, right? But this was the one place which neither had a start or end. There was no way to solve the mystery behind this forbidden island. But eventually it was solved and you’ll be surprised to see what all happened that made this place forbidden.

Let’s Step In The Past…

In 1800, a girl was born into a family of merchants. Who could have thought that this girl would soon change history? Elizabeth McHutcheson was born to change the world. And don’t forget that it was the time when women were considered a way to continue the family lineage. But she was different and became the Chieftess of Hawaii. Amazing, right? So what role she played in this story. All we could say at this moment is -an important one.

Young Eliza

Elizabeth was better known as Eliza. She grew into a beautiful woman and at the age of 24, she married Francis Sinclair in 1824. Francis was captain of a ship and their family started to grow. Eliza and Francis had 6 children and the whole family started a new venture when they set sail for a new life and beginning in New Zealand.

They Arrived

In 1841, 8 people stepped foot in the land of the Maori. Even after moving so many times from one place to another, in the end, they settled in Pigeon Bay where they built a farm through which they started to make money. Everything was going well for the Sinclairs’ family and the new city seemed like the city of their dreams. But in the year 1846, things didn’t remain the same.