Childhood is the period of life where one can ask anything and everything and nobody will get offended, isn’t that great? Wish we would have known it back then and asked much more questions. Remember when we were kids and used to be curious about our family history? When questions like where did we come from, or who brought us into the world used to pop in our mind every now and then. Isn’t that important? Mostly we lose interest in our family background when we realize it’s not like it is always shown in the movies. What if you never get answers to some of your innocent questions??

The same thing happened with a lady whose curiosity about her past always remained the same and it finally led her to the unbelievable discovery. Patricia Lofton was living a confused life with so many questions running inside her brain. While searching for her answers, Patricia will find herself at the doors of a famous celebrity and that’s where this story gets exceptionally surprising.

Born In UncertaintyPatricia Lofton

Patricia was inside her mother’s womb when her mother was doubtful about her unborn child’s future. Her mother was so occupied with all that was going on her life that she couldn’t really even behave like a pregnant woman. Patricia wasn’t going to be her first child and this meant that she had a lot going on to cover up. And getting the pregnancy news was a good thing but not a big thing for sure.

Life On WelfarePatricia Lofton

Patricia’s mother was quite busy looking after her existing children. She knew it wasn’t possible for her anyway to take responsibility for one more child, ie, Patricia. She wanted to keep the kids together but time wasn’t in her favor. She didn’t have her husband’s support at that time which was enough to make things worse for her. 

So Much ConcernPatricia Lofton

Patricia’s mother didn’t want to put her unborn child living in poverty just for her selfish reason. She wanted her babies future to be bright and full of happiness and opportunities unlike the rest of her kids. Mother’s are indeed the most adequate example of selflessness and there are no limits to what extent a mother will sacrifice for her kids.

The AdoptionPatricia Lofton

Her mother made up her mind before she was even born that she’ll be putting up the baby for adoption. Yes, it was one of the most dilemmatic situations she had ever faced but she wanted to protect her baby no matter how much it breaks her heart. So, when Patricia was born, her mother knew that she’ll be adopted by a good-to-do family.

Challenging ChildhoodPatricia Lofton

What Patricia’s mother didn’t realize was the fact that putting the kid for adoption doesn’t come with the surety that the kid’s future will be safe and secure rather it leaves the kid all alone in the orphanage and live there till the time a family selects him/her to take home with them. Just like most of the kids, Patricia stayed in foster care until one day she got lucky. It was when she was about 7 years old that she was adopted.

A Mistake?Patricia Lofton

Patricia was one of those unfortunate kids who never felt at home even after they are adopted. Patricia always had this struggle to get used to the new environment. She never really got that homely feel as she could see herself as an odd one out. It messed up her mind and her thoughts.

She knew her mother was somewhere out there in the world. But where? Why did she leave her? Did she really wanted to leave her? Or was there something that forced her biological mother to take that step? These questions always stayed in her mind but not for too long.