No human can predict the future, no one could ever imagine what life brings along or have any idea what is going to be the next move.

Everything is pre-planned, according to which a human is supposed to act. Life is all about joining the dots and unfolding the series. If we keep going on with the flow, we can seek surprises from life, which would change our lives forever. One such surprise was when Eva and her father planned to buy a second-hand car.

Hunt For Car

18 years, a big deal. Eva, for the very first time, argued with her father. She, like other school kids, wanted to go in a car. That too, her very own car. Her father never agreed to that and was trying to change Eva’s mind, but nothing was going as he planned. Eva told her dad that she was not demanding a new car. A second-hand car would work, she said. Her dad agreed on buying a second-hand car for Eva since she was reluctant to go to school without having it.

Dad Throwing Tantrums

car 9

Eva’s dad, Mr. Smith never appreciated the idea of buying a car. He thought it would be a waste of money. This was the reason he wasn’t talking to his beloved daughter. Though he was putting in a lot to show that he was really angry but could not hold it too long as he loved Eva more than anyone and anything.

Welcome Home

car 23

Mr.  Smith brought the car home. He thought of cleaning it first. While doing so, he opened the dashboard of the car and found something unusual inside a plastic container. It was an envelope. He first, thought of giving that to the agency and kept it safe aside, continuing his cleaning work. He was called up by one of his friends and he left. After his departure, his daughter came to see the car. She discovered the box and the envelope. She was so impatient that she opened it.

Solving The Puzzlecar 15

Eva was dumbstruck when she discovered the letter inside the envelope. She could faintly remember the handwriting and could feel a sense of belonging with that letter even though she has no connection with it. She tried to grasp bits and pieces of her fragmented memory but was unable to gain anything. She finally gave up and left for the day.

Dreamy Head

Eva was a girl full of dreams. She was a good scholar and a kind of student who was set to give examples. She always wanted to help her father financially, therefore, she used to take up trivial jobs. She delivered newspaper and used to be caretaker of children. She never used to complain because she loved her dad as well, which encouraged her to help her single parent financially.

Missing Roles

Eva was growing day by day. Mr. Smith, though was playing the role of both the parents in an outstanding way, still felt that had she been with her mother, she could share anything freely. Eva was a charming girl and has been approached by many of the boys, but she never paid any heed to anyone. Mr. Smith could not have a “heart-to-heart” kind of girlish talk with her because he was a FATHER.